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How to get passenger airbag score lines just right

Automotive manufacturers and their Tier One suppliers spend endless engineering hours developing the PAB (passenger airbag) system, from the airbag and its propellant to the construction of the

Black Monday: GM to Close Plants, Cut Jobs

General Motors Co. (Detroit) didn’t wait until the end of the holidays to put down the hammer. The largest U.S.-based automaker said Monday it’s looking to close three auto-assembly plants,

Diving Into My Manufacturing Education

For the past year, I have had the incredible opportunity to pursue my passion for manufacturing by studying mechanical engineering at Georgia Tech (Atlanta); I would not be where I am today

Clay Modeling Still a Key for Vehicle Design

Motorized vehicles normally start as a vision. An engineer creates a vehicle design that is desired by the consumer and keeps in line with the direction the vehicle manufacturer is heading into

AI Enables Smarter Assembly, Superior Products

The next cycle of technology disruption is upon us. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is taking hold in every industry and manufacturing is no exception. AI enables companies—from medical device and