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Building a Multigenerational Manufacturing Workforce

Today's workforce is changing and workers stretch across four different generations. Chris Mahar, associate editor of Manufacturing Engineering, talks with Denise Ball, Workforce Education Specialist at Tooling U-SME, about how manufacturers can succeed in this new environment. Offering tips on how to attract and retain new generations of workers without alienating more experienced employees and their contributions.

Using Advanced Cutting Tool Technology to Improve Productivity

Cutting tool technology continues to advance, and manufacturers can take advantage of a wide range of new cutting tool products. In this episode, Alan Rooks, Editor in Chief of Manufacturing Engineering magazine, talks with Tim Easton, National Sales Manager for NTK Cutting Tools.

How Does FFF Metal Printing Differ From DMLS?

Kevin Smith, senior commercial application engineer at Markforged, explains how the Markforged Metal X 3D printing process works, for starters. He also gets into how FFF metal printing differs from DMLS and other processes. And he goes over materials that can be printed on the Metal X, as well as the applications that are best suited for metal 3D printing.

Siemens Exec Lays Out Value of Digitization

At the AeroDef conference in Long Beach, Calif., Daniel Martinez of Siemens Digital Industries patiently describes how OEMs and supply chain members that haven’t yet taken up digitization move into it now.

Paying Attention to Financial Wellness Pays Benefits for Both Employers and Their Employees

On the rare occasion that Manufacturing Engineering Editor Emeritus Jim Sawyer thinks about the intersection of insurance and manufacturing, it is usually in terms of fire, theft, personal injury and the like. However, in this conversation with Mike Domingos, VP of national corporate strategy and distribution at Prudential Financial, he learns of other challenges impacting people’s financial wellness and how that impacts the manufacturing industry.

Siemens PLM Helps Suppliers Cope with Vehicle Electrification, Autonomy

Vehicle electrification and autonomy are challenges facing automakers today and well into the future. But it’s not only the OEMs that need to clear the hurdles that are changing the industry. The vendors who populate the supply chain must do so, too. Larry Bemis, vice president of Customer Success and Quality Assurance of Siemens PLM Software’s manufacturing business unit, explains to Manufacturing Engineering Editor Emeritus Jim Sawyer how high these hurdles can be and what software can do to make it over the bar.