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Executive Discusses XJet’s Liquid Metal 3D Printer

At the RAPID 2016 conference on additive manufacturing, Danai talks to Advanced Manufacturing Now about XJet’s positioning—immediately after he showed the public XJet’s liquid metal 3D printer and explained its new NanoParticle Jetting (NPJ) technology.

Using Robotics to Cope with the Shortage of Welders

Zane Michael, director of thermal business development for Yaskawa America/Motoman Robotics Division, explains why the biggest challenge for welding manufacturers today is the shortage of welders.

Siemens PLM Helps Suppliers Cope with Vehicle Electrification, Autonomy

Vehicle electrification and autonomy are challenges facing automakers today and well into the future. But it’s not only the OEMs that need to clear the hurdles that are changing the industry. The vendors who populate the supply chain must do so, too. Larry Bemis, vice president of Customer Success and Quality Assurance of Siemens PLM Software’s manufacturing business unit, explains to Manufacturing Engineering Editor Emeritus Jim Sawyer how high these hurdles can be and what software can do to make it over the bar.

SME Rundown at IMTS, Day One: Sandi Bouckley, SME

SME CEO and Executive Director Sandi Bouckley on day one of IMTS. Among the topics: the future of manufacturing is increasingly digital; workforce development and training as a cultural imperative; and attracting and training the next generation in manufacturing.

Student Poster Challenge Winner Details Her Work

Bhuvi Nirudhoddi, an Ohio State University PhD candidate studying materials science and engineering, won the student poster challenge at SME’s AeroDef manufacturing conference in California in March.

Globetrotter Bids Adieu to ‘The Age of Dirty Growth’

The co-author of “The Smartest Places on Earth: Why Rustbelts Are the Emerging Hotspots of Global Innovation” discusses not only all he discovered in writing the book but also what he has learned since it was published. Example of the latter: “The movement from a focus on cheap to a focus on smart is … a real competitive advantage, but it’s not permanent. I discovered that China now very well understands that this is an issue. China is now the biggest buyer of robots in the world.”

The Role of Simulation in Smart Manufacturing

Alan Rooks, Editor in Chief of Manufacturing Engineering magazine, talks with Christopher Parker, NCSIMUL Applications Engineer for SPRING Technologies, about the role of machine simulation and the role it plays in manufacturing, the industries where simulation is vital, and what the future of simulation looks like.