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Interpreting the Language of GD&T in Metrology

The industrial world is continuing its adoption of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T), the advanced tolerancing methodology. The symbolic language is intended to be both more precise while providing more latitude in allowable variations, replacing the simpler method of adding tolerances to each dimension.

Using 3D Scanning to Find Pipe Problems at a Nuclear Power Plant

Nuclear power has long been a clean, dependable source of energy throughout the world. However, as power plants age, concerns grow on their continued reliability. There are many components that make up the infrastructure of a nuclear power plant with the design intent to reduce radiation and contamination exposure to personnel, equipment, and the surrounding environment.

Structured Vision in Manufacturing

Structured light systems measure surfaces by projecting a pattern of fringes, then using cameras and sophisticated software to convert them into point clouds of metrology data. Accuracy can reach the single-digit microns over millions of points.

CMMs Grow Their Niche

For CMMs, the good times continue to roll. “One of the surprising things that has happened in just the last three to four years is the sheer volume of CMMs that we are shipping,” said Angus Taylor, president of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, North America (North Kingstown, RI). “The market seems to be really exploding.”

Automated Systems and Control 135

Automated Systems and Control 135 This class identifies common methods of industrial automation. It describes the available technologies and explains how they are applied in manufacturing.

Robot Troubleshooting 331

Robot Troubleshooting 331 Robot Troubleshooting describes the systematic approach of solving issues that cause robotic malfunction. Robots are complex assemblies that have many components that

Robot Safety 211

Robot Safety 211 Robot Safety discusses the different ways to prevent robot accidents. Robot accidents can result in serious injuries or fatalities. Most accidents occur because employees bypass

Robotic Control Systems 240

Robotic Control Systems 240 In this class, you will learn about the basic types control systems. You will also learn about the effects of PID control in closed-loop control systems and how to

Robotic Drives, Hardware, and Components 220

Robotic Drives, Hardware, and Components 220 This class describes the physical components of industrial robots. It also describes how these devices move and cause motion to perform work.