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DMG Mori Previews Its Future Strategy

MG Mori’s 2017 annual press conference in Pfronten, Germany, set the course for the future of the Global One Company in what is expected to be a highly competitive year.

Reducing waste on the shop floor with mobile power

Speed, safety and efficiency are important to running a successful manufacturing floor. The more efficient workers are on the floor, the quicker products can be finished and sent to their destination. The major opponent to efficiency on the floor is, of course, waste.

Simulation plays supporting role as additive, subtractive share stage

It’s no secret that Additive Manufacturing (AM), while often regarded as “emerging” technology, has secured its place in the manufacturing arena. There is good reason for this: AM offers a lure of solutions to previously impossible-to-solve design and manufacturing challenges.

Disruption is Really Just an Informational Problem

The average lifespan of a company on the S&P 500 has fallen to 20 years from more than 60 years in 1960. The power and influence of technology will increase as much in the next 18 months as it has in the last 30 years.

Medical Drivers

Well into the 21st century, the medical industry faces a host of intriguing challenges, from aging populations to a growing range of personalized and at-home diagnostic and care devices—all set against a backdrop of increasing digital collection, transfer and storage of sensitive patient data.

Faurecia goes all in on Industry 4.0

Faurecia decided it needed to get serious about Industry 4.0 fast. To show the way, the French automotive supplier built a $64 million factory in Columbus, IN.