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Machinery's Handbook, 30th Edition (Toolbox Size)

Machinery's Handbook has been the most popular reference work in metalworking, design, engineering and manufacturing facilities, and technical schools and colleges throughout the world. It is universally acknowledged as an extraordinarily authoritative, comprehensive, and practical tool, providing its users with the most fundamental and essential aspects of sophisticated manufacturing practice.

Realistic Cost Estimating for Manufacturing, Third Edition (ebook)

Revised and expanded, the book recognizes the extremely important role estimating is playing in today’s highly competitive global economy. Realistic Cost Estimating for Manufacturing provides a survey of the myriad manufacturing processes and practices and combines this with in-depth explanations and examples of costing methods and tools. A comprehensive, standardized approach to their application is given. Among the manufacturing processes surveyed are: machining, casting, stamping, forging, welding, plastics technology, finishing, and rapid prototyping.

Lean Production Simplified, Third Edition

Following in the tradition of its Shingo prize-winning predecessors, Lean Production Simplified, Third Edition gives a clear overview of the structure and tools of the lean production system. Written for the practitioner by a practitioner, it delivers a comprehensive insider's view of lean management.

Lean Solutions: How Companies and Customers Can Create Value and Wealth

In this landmark book, Womack and Jones deconstruct this broken producer-consumer model and show businesses how to repair it and make consumers happier and companies more profitable and competitive. Lean Solutions will inspire managers to take the first steps toward giving consumers what they really want.

Progressive Dies: Principles and Practices of Design and Construction

Discover new technologies presented within the context of classic diemaking fundamentals. Progressive Dies is your collective source for improving current designs or learning how to take advantage of progressive die efficiency and cost reduction. Among the topics covered are: die material selection and properties, developing progression stages, grinding, EDM and wire-cut EDM operations, die and strip layout manufacture, and die protection systems and electronic sensors.