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How Advanced Simulation is Transforming Manufacturing

As digital capabilities grow, industrial transformation is taking place throughout the world. What does this mean for manufacturers? In this episode, Alan Rooks, Editor in Chief of Manufacturing Engineering magazine, talks with Emmanuel Leroy, executive vice president of Industry Solutions for ESI Group, in charge of industry strategy, go-to-market and performance, about the transformation taking place in manufacturing due to advanced simulation capabilities; how the auto industry is using simulation technology to transform its design/build strategies; and where smart manufacturing is headed in the next three to five years.

Digital Transformation and Your Company

In this podcast, Bruce Morey, Senior Technical Editor for Manufacturing Engineering Magazine discusses digital transformation with Jason Ray Co-Founder & CEO of Paperless Parts. The future of your business is more reliant on strategic initiatives centered on digitizing even the most common manufacturing processes like quoting, shop floor execution, and manufacturing management. As digital technologies become more prevalent, having a digital strategy and action plan allows you to reach your customers more effectively.

Demystifying the IIoT

IIoT expert Steve Jones who will speak Oct. 29 at “The Best of SMX” (, describes in detail the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), as well as AI/machine learning and other promising technology for manufacturing’s future. Like with many things in life, it is important to set goals first, the Steelcase executive says. Not sure where to begin with IIoT? Never fear: Jones has the answer.

Manufacturing and Artificial Intelligence

In this podcast, Bruce Morey, Senior Technical Editor for Manufacturing Engineering Magazine discusses with Jerry Foster of Plex the issues and concerns around artificial intelligence and manufacturing, and perhaps more importantly, how business leaders could manage culture change and adoption of new technologies.

Automation, AI, and Interoperability for More Resilient Manufacturing in a Post-COVID World

Vecna Robotics’ David Clear and SVT Robotics’ TJ Fanning go into reasons manufacturers might want to consider automation and AI. They also look at how to test assumptions and scale with so many variables changing moment by moment. The adage “change is the only constant” has never been more apropos. So, it’s a great time to hear what separates a complex system from a complex adaptive system.

How Machine Shops Can Benefit from New Automation Technology

As automation technology becomes more effective, cost effective, and easier to implement, job shops are automating more and more of their processes. In this episode, Alan Rooks, editor in chief of Manufacturing Engineering magazine, talks with Michael Gaunce, group manager, stationary workholding for Schunk Inc., about what a small to medium size job shop should consider when starting and exploration into automation; the particular machines or jobs that are easier to automate over others; why high part quantities are not needed in order to automate a job; what types of skills a shop should look for in employees working with automation; and how to define categories for the different styles of automation used in machine tool tending.

Quality Boost: Simple, Effective Problem Solving

Quality is an issue for every manufacturer. It can rob profits, reduce productivity and damage relationships with customers. To tackle this issue, Mark Netzel, Vice President of Quality at Die-Matic Corporation, talks with Chris Mahar, Associate Editor, about how creating effective problem solving doesn’t need to be complex. Manufacturers of all types and sizes can improve their products and profits through a process-based problem-solving program based on individual needs and resources.

The Deeper Issue around Total Cost of Ownership for Manufacturers

In this Podcast, Bruce Morey, Senior Technical Editor for Manufacturing Engineering Magazine discusses up-front purchase price as compared to total cost of ownership (TCO) with John Krause, Applications Engineer with Promess, Inc. Manufacturers should be aware of how the total spend for equipment, when spread out over a few years of operation, may be higher for equipment that costs less to purchase up-front.

Quit Making Excuses. Now is the Time to Digitize

Cloud computing has become more prevalent in our daily lives and the ability to access the internet nearly anywhere at any time has allowed for manufacturers to become more able to view real-time shop data across all departments. In this podcast, Bruce Morey, Senior Technical Editor for Manufacturing Engineering magazine discusses using cloud-based business systems with Kevin Must, Marketing Manager for Lantek Inc.