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ISS Takes Manufacturing to New Heights

Two entities are taking steps to form an interstellar economy with the ISS as an orbiting manufacturing hub—the Center for Advancement of Science in Space in Melbourne, FL, (managers of the ISS U.S. National Laboratory) and Made In Space, a Moffett Field, CA, firm.

Medical Machining Shifts Into High Gear—With a Laser Assist

Constant refinement of medical machining from tooling design to finished product requires not only the ability to handle a broad range of plastic and metal materials but also to achieve predictable results—particularly in the face of strict regulations.

Just What the Doctor Ordered for Business Expansion

When making over-the-counter and prescription soft-gel products, the dosage that fills each gel cap must be precise. It follows, then, that the system for metering the amount of formulation demands the same exacting level of precision. Such is the requirement at leading contract manufacturers of nutritional and pharmaceutical soft-gel products. To keep their metering pumps and production equipment accurate and reliable, they look to Progressive Tool & Manufacturing Inc. (Greensboro, NC).

Micro Cutting Tool Options Expand as Applications Increase

Solid-carbide micro cutting tools about the diameter of human hair or smaller—some producing parts visible only under a microscope—are making a huge impact on manufacturing highly advanced electronics, automotive and aerospace fuel injection systems, and medical instruments and implants.

Lasers Drill Precision Holes Quickly

Laser technology for drilling precision holes has taken a leap forward with faster, cheaper, high-accuracy fiber lasers, which are used in the aerospace industry for turbine engine hole-drilling and other industries. Short-pulse picosecond fiber lasers are likewise making inroads, drilling small, precise holes for the medical and microelectronics industries.

Hard Hips

The challenge of machining hip replacement implants out of cobalt chrome

Medical Manufacturing’s Strength Helps Swiss Turning

Over the past 12 months, medical has been one of the most consistent manufacturing sectors amid steady demand. In turn, that has been a boost for makers of Swiss-style CNC automatic lathes, known for their ability to produce small parts.

New Materials Revolutionize Part Manufacturing

New materials for additive manufacturing are used for a diverse range of applications, including 3D paints for making human tissue-like cells; a hardenable stainless steel powder for surgical instruments; and a sustainable composite reinforced with bamboo fibers that resembles wood when printed.