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Manufacturing Embraces Hybrid ‘Reality’

The virtual world has been encroaching on the “real” world for years, and this year’s COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the adoption of virtual reality in our private and working lives.

Get Ready or Get Run Over in the Manufacturing Boom

There is a perfect storm brewing in the U.S. manufacturing sector. Pent-up demand and the imperative to re-shore production are converging with an unprecedented stream of government stimulus money to create an explosive mixture.

More to Choose From in 3D Printing

From Copper to Filaments, engineers are developing new materials for 3D printing, advancing its practical use. In February, Markforged, Watertown, Mass., commercialized a pure copper filament for its printers so they can use this hard-to-machine metal.

Big and Small Battles in the War on Cybercrime

We are at war with cybercriminals. With bad actors ranging from organized crime to hostile foreign governments to individual hackers, security defenses are continuously probed and breached. Like any battle, this one requires broad strategies as well as millions of individual efforts.

How to Meet the Challenge of Auto Recalls

Automotive recalls are costly, generate unwanted negative media attention, and harm a brand’s reputation if handled poorly. And yet, it’s a problem that can be notoriously hard for automakers to effectively address.

AI's Role in Automotive

As the auto industry embraces AI, the need for a better-educated workforce will increase.