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Take Your Career to the Next Level With a Lean Certification

Author: Brett Gallagher

It’s hard to overstate the value of Lean manufacturing training and a Lean Certification. Lean training carries obvious personal benefits and signals a dedication to the profession while equipping you with advanced management, manufacturing and problem-solving principles and skills.

Thrive with SME at IMTS 2022

Author: Brett Gallagher

The International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) is back fully in person after a four-year hiatus, and SME will be in attendance. It’s exciting to be back in Chicago but it’s even more thrilling to have the opportunity to present new products and solutions to the public as well as host numerous member-driven programs.

SME Sends Hundreds to IMTS

Author: SME Communications

The manufacturing technology community assembled in Chicago this year for IMTS 2022. SME was in attendance with a robust presence on the exhibit floor amounting to a total of seven different offerings.

Creating Pathways for a Diverse Talent Pool

Author: Brett Gallagher

During MFG Month SME Membership provided a series of webinars focused on key or emerging industry-related topics and products. One webinar examined the strategies of using diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives to improve manufacturing to create a more diverse talent pool.

A Guide to Automated Manufacturing Systems

Author: SME

Automated manufacturing systems have been used in the industrial sector for decades to improve operations. Automation technologies are practically a requirement to be a successful manufacturing company during the fourth industrial revolution.

Advancing Plant Engineering and Maintenance in Manufacturing

Author: SME

Plant engineering and maintenance involve managing a manufacturing plant’s mechanical and electrical systems, assets, and equipment. As more smart technologies are implemented into manufacturing facilities, this job also includes managing automated systems.

Extraordinary Women in Manufacturing are Driving the Industry Forward

Author: Brett Gallagher

SME Celebrates Women History Month and specifically the extraordinary women who chose a career in STEM. Manufacturing is all around us in our everyday life, whether you realize it or not. Everything from the utensils used to eat your morning breakfast to the tools and appliances used at your job went through a manufacturing process. Without manufacturing things would look much different and without women in manufacturing our society would be drastically different.

The Value of Membership in Two Words

Author: Brett Gallagher

As a manufacturer, your business is ever changing. From the integration of robotics and artificial intelligence, to the manufacturing of composite materials, or the adoption of new technologies like additive manufacturing, shifts within the industry come at organizations fast and often. Adjustments to meet these changes are important for any organization to stay competitive.

Creating and Sustaining Opportunity: Our Responsibility

Author: Robert Willig

Black History Month, a time of reflection and recognition, encourages us to acknowledge achievement and accomplishment. We at SME are proud to celebrate those within the Black Community who’ve contributed and continue to support advancements in manufacturing.

Sustainable Manufacturing Equals Long-Term Success

Author: Brett Gallagher

Manufacturing is continuously evolving. Experimental process and procedures will be the driver that helps push industries forward. One area that’s evolving is the adoption of sustainability within manufacturing. It’s exciting to see manufacturing companies lead by example when it comes to environmental awareness and sustainability.