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Printing Life

Doctor Pioneers Novel Use for Additive Manufacturing to Save Lives

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From Machinist to Instagram Star

Alfred Lyon, cutting tool supervisor at Lincoln, Calif.-based AB Tools Inc., took a vocational machining course while in high school and turned it into a long-term, lucrative career.

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Nominate a Candidate

Nominate a Candidate for Humans of Manufacturing Humans of Manufacturing Humans of Manufacturing is an initiative developed by SME to address misconceptions about manufacturing careers. Emphasis

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Lessons from Mom

Barb Dorumsgaard and Cynthia Blue are sisters and co-owners of NTM Inc., a Minneapolis machine shop and grinding house a few blocks east of the Mississippi River. Twenty years ago, their mother

Humans of Manufacturing

Humans of Manufacturing Humans of Manufacturing Manufacturing today is an advanced, highly valued industry that involves innovation and technology - and the human element. Humans of Manufacturing

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In the Driver’s Seat

Carlo Cruz Humans of Manufacturing Carlo Cruz and Fellow Engineers use Advanced Technology to Develop, Define Culture of Innovation When Carlo Cruz first entered the University of Cincinnati, he