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It’s Not Just the Tailpipe

Discover how Czinger's groundbreaking DAPS and 3D printing are transforming the automotive industry, creating eco-friendly hypercars, and paving the way for a sustainable manufacturing revolution across various sectors.

Growing Value

Yoav Zeif, CEO of Stratasys, is using his expertise from the agricultural industry to revolutionize 3D printing and bridge the gap between prototyping and mass production, all while emphasizing the critical importance of material quality and software in the process.

Bio Buildings, Printed Pavilions

Researchers at ORNL and the University of Maine receive the Aubin Case Study Award for addressing the low-income housing crisis by printing affordable, earth-friendly homes.

Tool Tales

Mantle Inc. takes home the prize with its patented TrueShape process. If the company and its employees have anything to say about it, toolmaking will never be the same.

Cool and Interesting Things

For three decades, Darin Gray has spent his days teaching young people to share ideas, learn cool stuff, and above all, make a difference

Pushing the Envelope

Bogi Lateiner and the women of Girl Gang Garage prove that the world of wrenching, welding, and wickedly cool cars is anything but a “boys only” club

One Fine Fellow

Alaa Elwany shares his insights on additive manufacturing and the Department of Energy.