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Tackling the Challenges of Manufacturing for Harsh Environments

In this episode, Chris Mahar interviews Robert McKeirnan, VP of Strategic Sourcing and Advanced Manufacturing at Upwing Energy, about the use of additive manufacturing in designing and manufacturing equipment for harsh environments, specifically in the natural gas industry.

3 Ways to Improve Operational Efficiency and Save Costs

Michael Pace, VP of sales for SmartSights, joins Smart Manufacturing magazine contributing lead editor Amy Bryson for a discussion about how to use data-driven analytics, reports and notifications to empower industrial operations with clear insights for more effective decision-making.

LISTEN: Smart Manufacturing’s Role in Industry 4.0 Success

Mark Freedman, Product Ecosystem Senior Lead at Tulip Interfaces, joins Smart Manufacturing editor Amy Bryson for a deep dive into the smart manufacturing ecosystem’s role in ensuring Industry 4.0 success to future-proof U.S. manufacturing operations through open digital transformation solutions and a new industrial tech stack.

Smart Manufacturing for Small & Medium-sized Manufacturers

Do small and medium-sized manufacturers need to worry about Industry 4.0? Where would a SMM start on a digital transformation journey? 5G Technologies CEO Ananth Seshan, PhD, sits down with Chris Mahar, managing editor, to discuss these questions and more.

Smart Manufacturing and the Workforce

In this episode of Advanced Manufacturing Now, Chris Mahar, Managing Editor at SME Media, is joined by Paul Perkins, CEO and President of Amatrol. Join them as they discuss smart manufacturing and the need for a well-educated workforce, as well as Amatrol's partnership with CESMII.

Digital Transformation – Securing the Future of U.S. Manufacturing

Berardino Baratta, CEO of MxD, joins Amy Bryson, contributing lead editor of Smart Manufacturing magazine, for a discussion about how U.S. small and mid-sized manufacturers can achieve digital transformation and mitigate cybersecurity risks that threaten domestic supply chains

AI and Advanced Analytics for Sustainable Manufacturing Operations

Bryan Saunders, global director and head of IoT industry consulting for SAS, a leader in advanced analytics, joins Amy Bryson, contributing lead editor of Smart Manufacturing magazine, for a discussion about how manufacturers can harness and transform their data into usable insights to drive better decision making.

Impact of AI and Machine Learning on Smart Manufacturing

Contributing Lead Editor for Smart Manufacturing magazine Amy Bryson is joined by two people from Falkonry who have a bird’s eye view into how AI and machine learning are impacting the manufacturing landscape: Dan Kearns, CTO, and Kevin Clark, VP of customer success.

How Small- and Mid-Sized Manufacturers Can Navigate Industry 4.0

Patrick Gaughan, partner at Axiom Manufacturing Systems, joins Amy Bryson, contributing lead editor of Smart Manufacturing magazine, for a discussion about how smaller manufacturers can navigate the complexity of smart manufacturing to achieve operational excellence.

3 Steps to Get Started with Smart Manufacturing

Dave Eifert, senior business development manager at Phoenix Contact, joins Amy Bryson, contributing lead editor for Smart Manufacturing magazine, for a discussion and step-by-step guidance to navigate the complexity of Industry 4.0 to achieve digitalization.