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Bioengineers Needed
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Bioengineers Needed: Expansive Growth in Medical 3D Printing

Discusses the opportunities and challenges in the crossover between engineering and biology in a new white paper released today. Industry will need to rely on a competency model to help guide hospitals and device manufacturers in recruiting and retaining the next generation of biomedical experts. With the rapid growth and potentially lifesaving benefits of additive technologies, there is urgency around recruiting and training bioengineers who can handle what is essentially a new occupation requiring unique skillsets.

Point of Care
White Papers and Reports

3D Printing Fuels the Rise of Point-of-Care Manufacturing

More than 95% of point-of-care professionals expect to see an expansion of POC manufacturing enabled by additive manufacturing, commonly called 3D printing. While healthcare providers operate in an evolving environment influenced by policy, regulations, and changing technology, 3D has shown promise to improve the patient experience.