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SME List Rentals


List Rental Data Card

SME Lists connect you with manufacturers with a proven buying history who are constantly looking for new products and innovations to stay ahead of their competition. The SME database is 100% response-generated, continuously-updated and has more than 631,000 postal records, 453,000 phone records, and 179,000 email addresses of corporate executives, managers, engineers and technical professionals.

Reach executives, managers, engineers and technical professionals across all facets of manufacturing who are looking for innovative products and services. You’ll be able to completely customize your target list down to the company size, job titles, industries (NAICS codes) and more.


  • Certified manufacturing professionals
  • Magazine and eNewsletter subscribers
  • Paid attendees of expositions, conferences, and in-plant courses
  • Buyers and inquirers of manufacturing-related books, novels, DVDs and training programs
  • Mail-order buyers
  • Customers who fund and support engineering educational programs

Ideal For

  • Technology, computers, software, telecommunications and Internet services
  • Manufacturing hardware and software
  • Continuing education programs
  • Webinars, seminars and training programs
  • Business-to-business offers
  • Catalog, magazine, book, newsletter, newspaper and online products and services
  • Business to consumer offers
  • Financial services
  • Virtual events

For counts and selection options contact:
Marie Briganti | 914.368.1023 |
Visit MeritDirect to view datacards.


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