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August 2023

The August 2023 edition of Smart Manufacturing is now available as a digital magazine. Links to individual articles are below.


Safety scanners alert robots to stop as soon as an employee enters the cell. This setup enables humans and robots to work side-by-side with no safety guarding.

Collaborating with Robots

August 22, 2023
Can’t we all just get along? We can, thanks to smarter, more human-aware robotics.
Kip Hanson
By Kip Hanson Contributing Editor, SME Media
Rasmus Smet Jensen, VP of marketing and strategy at Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR).

6 Ways Robots are Changing Manufacturing

August 15, 2023
Experts weigh in on the impact of robotics on productivity and the people who advance manufacturing.
By Karen Haywood Queen Contributing Editor, SME Media
Robotic arms used for roboforming at a Machina Labs factory. Leveraging precise industrial robotics and AI-driven process control, roboforming rapidly shapes sheet metal into large, complex parts that are extremely expensive and slow to produce with conventional manufacturing tools.

Robotics: Paving the Way for Next Gen Careers

August 24, 2023
New skills are required, and new roles created, through automation solutions
By Brad Marley Contributing Editor

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