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Voices AMplified: Perspectives on the Potential of Additive Manufacturing

John E. Barnes
By John E. Barnes Past-Chair of the Additive Manufacturing Technical Committee (AMTC) for SME, Managing Director of The Barnes Global Advisors and CEO/Founder of Metal Powder Works

This special Voices AMplified podcast features guest host John Barnes, CEO and founder of Barnes Global Advisors Group and Metal Powderworks. Barnes , the current chair of SME’s AM Technical Leadership Committee, talks with Paul Gradl about his 18-year career in additive manufacturing (AM) and how far the industry has come. Gradl, a formally trained systems engineer, is a Principal Engineer and leader in liquid rocket engine combustion at NASA. Barnes and Gradl discuss the early days of AM and how the full potential is still yet to be realized. While the technology has matured, they note that there is still quite a bit of work to be done to educate the manufacturing industry on the application, uses and potential of AM.

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