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Crowd-sourcing Manufacturing for the 21st Century

Chris Mahar
By Chris Mahar Operations Manager, SME Media

Historically, a company who had a need for parts required their own expensive manufacturing operations or navigate complex and time-consuming negotiations with potential suppliers. Ben Redwood, Director of Supply Chain at 3D Hubs and the author of the 3D Printing Handbook, talks with Chris Mahar, Associate Editor of Manufacturing Engineering, about how the company is connecting customers and manufacturing job shops together. 3D Hubs is helping manufacturers increase their bottom line by using 21st century thinking to help customers meet their 3D printing, CNC machining and injection molding needs.

Ben is the writer of The 3D Printing Handbook, a top selling book on 3D printing for professionals. 3D Hubs is offering a free download of the first chapters of the book. To get your copy and to learn more about 3D Hubs, go to


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