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Binc, Extrude Hone debut new product at RAPID + TCT

Brett Brune
By Brett Brune Editor in Chief, Smart Manufacturing

At RAPID + TCT, Bruno Boutantin of Extrude Hone and Laurent Cataldo of Binc Industries speak about their firms’ new joint offering: Finish 3D, for AM. It is, Cataldo said, “a full solution for the global market, for medium- and high-volume production series.” It combines Binc’s MMP (micro machining process) technology—a physical, mechanical and catalyst process “usually used to very low roughness levels”—with Extrude Hone technology for additive parts when they require finishing processes like AFM (abrasive flow machine) and CoolPulse. Finish 3D can be used in any market, he said: In addition to aerospace, “we do medical implants, and we can be used for tooling, for plastic injection mold, whatever, as soon as the volume can absorb the cost of the preparation and the fixture.” Boutantin said the new offering lets customers for the first time “take any incoming roughness and … bring it below the micron.” Getting to the sub-micron level is important in aerospace, for example, when manufacturers need to improve airflow in jet engine turbines, he added.


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