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Verisurf Works to Make Legacy CMMs Relevant Again

Brett Brune
By Brett Brune Editor in Chief, Smart Manufacturing

Verisurf Software CEO Ernie Husted explains why there are still many legacy fixed CMMs in the market that are perceived to be obsolete due to outdated software, difficult programming interfaces and lack of trained operators–and how his metrology software firm is working to address this market truth. For example, Verisurf 2018 allows users to program, operate and collect measurement data directly from legacy CMMs, without any upgrades to controllers or software. The software offers as an instant improvement “quick, easy-to-learn, first-article inspection of your parts,” he said. “We make it so it’s not a bottleneck anymore.” And, he added, CMMs are about 10 times more accurate than ARMs, which were adopted in recent years as CMM software grew out of date.


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