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Manufacturing Engineering: November 2020

The November 2020 edition of Manufacturing Engineering is available as a digital magazine. Links to individual articles are below.
Medical device supplier .Decimal Inc., Sanford, Fla., builds patient-specific devices for hospitals and cancer centers. Here, a technician prepares a uniform thickness bolus that .Decimal mills from a tissue equivalent wax. The company uses SOLIDWORKS and CAMWorks automation tools to provide same-day shipment and next day delivery on custom medical devices for cancer patients.

New CAD/CAM Options Refine Metalcutting Ops

October 19, 2020
With CAD/CAM software, machine operators and manufacturing engineers are always looking for the latest twists along the route to optimizing their metalcutting performance.
Pat Waurzyniak
By Patrick Waurzyniak Contributing Editor, SME Media
Manufacturing execution systems provide a host of tools that make manufacturing processes more efficient, more predictable, and more profitable.

Gaining Control with MES

October 20, 2020
ERP software developers, resellers, and even consultants might not like to hear this, but no matter how powerful the system, it can still leave a few questions unanswered regarding the shop floor.
Kip Hanson
By Kip Hanson Contributing Editor, SME Media
The Ultra Precision Type hydraulic chuck features runout accuracy of 1 µm at 4xD.

Rising to Toolholding Challenges

October 21, 2020
Difficult materials and high-speed machining don’t just present problems for cutting tools. They can also push toolholders to their limits—and beyond. So manufacturers offer a variety of products designed to get the toolholding job done under extreme machining conditions.
By SME Media Staff
The ZGF-S-Cut by Emuge is tailored for hard metals and exotic materials common in aerospace and medical applications and is designed to resist cuts or fractures. The single plane cutting tool features three rows of cutting teeth.

Thread Mills Take on Tough Materials

October 23, 2020
When it’s time to put threads in parts, particularly those made of difficult-to-machine materials, thread mills are often the right choice. Thread mills cut threads with a cutting head typically smaller than the hole, unlike taps that are sized to match the hole diameter.
Geoff Giordano
By Geoff Giordano Contributing Editor, SME Media
Leandro Pereira (left) and Julio Vasconcelos evaluate cutting tool selection for an upcoming job.

The Connected Machine Shop

October 30, 2020
In this final installment of the Connected Machine Shop series, we’ll tackle the more technical and implementation-oriented aspects of an Industry 4.0 transformation.
By Richard Boyle Manager of Mebane Production Unit, Sandvik Coromant

Shop Solutions

  • Software

    Meeting the Need for Speed with CAM Software

    October 26, 2020
    Auto racing is a global business and Quick Drive LLC is a key part of the supply chain. The Parker, Colo.-based company manufactures a proprietary line of high-performance drivetrain components for auto racing. Its parts are designed, engineered, prototyped, and manufactured in-house.
    By Quick Drive LLC
  • Automation

    Fabricator Uses Cobots to Beef Up Welding Operations

    October 27, 2020
    Processed Metal Innovators LLC (PMI), Bloomer, Wis., is a metal fabricator that produces hundreds of different stamped and welded metal parts for heavy equipment, automobiles, appliances, and more.
    By Processed Metal Innovators LLC (PMI)

Up Front

SME Speaks

  • SME Speaks

    The Role of Computer Games in the Future of Manufacturing Education and Training

    October 21, 2020
    The manufacturing industry is arguably the backbone of any nation’s economy. Manufacturing represents about 11 percent of U.S. GDP and more than 8 percent of U.S. employment. As a result of Industry 4.0, the U.S. manufacturing industry is going through a paradigm shift, both in terms of technological developments and the skill sets required.
    By Sudhanshu Nahata, PhD ASML - SME Member Since 2018

Advanced Manufacturing Now

  • Additive Manufacturing & 3D Printing

    More to Choose From in 3D Printing

    October 20, 2020
    From Copper to Filaments, engineers are developing new materials for 3D printing, advancing its practical use. In February, Markforged, Watertown, Mass., commercialized a pure copper filament for its printers so they can use this hard-to-machine metal.
    By Ilene Wolff - Contributing Editor, SME Media

Software Update


  • Expert Opinion

    Get Ready or Get Run Over in the Manufacturing Boom

    October 29, 2020
    There is a perfect storm brewing in the U.S. manufacturing sector. Pent-up demand and the imperative to re-shore production are converging with an unprecedented stream of government stimulus money to create an explosive mixture.
    By Glenn Nausley - President, Promess Inc.

Medical Special Section

  • Tooling & Workholding

    Innovations in Medical Manufacturing

    October 28, 2020
    Medical manufacturing, like other industries, faces intensive demands for improved productivity. As a result, many manufacturers are focused on achieving greater efficiencies and precision in making small parts.
    By Ed Sinkora - Contributing Editor, SME Media