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Manufacturing Engineering: December 2021

The December 2021 edition of Manufacturing Engineering is available as a digital magazine. Links to individual articles are below.
Due to their ability to turn extremely large and heavy workpieces, vertical turret lathes like this one from Absolute Machine Tools are highly capable of machining supersized parts.

A New World for Energy Parts Manufacturing

November 30, 2021
Solar, wind and hydro are striving for dominance in the energy sector while oil and gas continues to hang on tight. What does it mean for suppliers?
Kip Hanson
By Kip Hanson Contributing Editor, SME Media
Ingersoll’s CERASFEED indexable ceramic high-feed end mill in action at the company’s Rockford, Illinois, technical center.

Toolmakers Target Tough Alloys

December 2, 2021
Heat-resistant superalloys resist heat—and easy cutting. Industry experts offer solutions.
By Michael C. Anderson Contributing Writer
A 0.015" (0.381 mm) three-flute end mill with variable helix and variable index.

The Challenge and Promise of Micro Tools

December 6, 2021
Cutting small holes or features sometimes only visible through a microscope requires special expertise from those supplying the cutting tools.
Ed Sinkora
By Ed Sinkora Contributing Editor, SME Media
Overall view of a finishing system for the new Norton Abrasive Process Solutions (APS) robot lab, which is currently under construction in Northborough, Mass. The lab is expected to be open in January. Shown are the system’s stacked grinding head, side-by-side finishing head, pivot table and tool rack. The heads can be run dry or wet at variable speeds.

Demystifying Deburring

December 8, 2021
Automation, a new applications lab and new vistas for centrifugal barrel units take part finishing to the next level.
Geoff Giordano
By Geoff Giordano Contributing Editor, SME Media

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