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International Director Candidate Application

The Role of a Director

The Board of Directors is the governing body of SME. It has broad power to establish rules to conduct the business affairs of SME, to order and conduct its professional and business meetings, and to guide its chapters, international districts, and committees in their work and reports.

In addition to those policy matters, the Board of Directors has complete responsibility for the property of SME and, by its absolute budget authority, to determine the best use of SME's financial resources.

The board also elects the international officers who make up the Executive Compensation Committee of SME. In many instances, these officers come from within the Board of Directors. No matter how elected, each director holds equal responsibility and authority.

SME members elected to serve on the Board of Directors are not to be advocates for any one chapter, geographic area, district or constituency. The board has final responsibility for the growth and viability of a very large professional organization.


As stated in SME's Constitution and Bylaws, a potential SME director candidate must be a professional member of SME in good standing for the year preceding nomination to be eligible for consideration.

Ideally, a potential SME director candidate should have the qualifications to hold the office of president of SME. Generally, the candidate should have a proven track record of professional or business leadership in the field of manufacturing coupled with an avowed interest in SME. The candidate should have demonstrated evidence of the ability to plan and organize, lead people, deal with financial matters and produce results. Familiarity with some facet of manufacturing technology is a desirable characteristic.

Nomination/Election Timetable

Director applications will be reviewed by the Nominating Committee each spring. Candidates selected by the Nominating Committee to run for election will be so informed. Ballots for the director election will be emailed and mailed to the voting membership on Aug. 1 and must be returned no later than Sept. 1. Election results will be announced mid-September and installation of the newly elected directors will take place before year-end. The term of office will begin on Jan. 1 of the year following the election. Directors are elected for two-year terms.

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