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Chapter Officer Spotlight: Margaret Ann DiFrancesco & Ane Marie Harb

Margaret Ann DiFrancesco, Student, Texas A&M University, President, Student Chapter S099, SME member since 2021

Welcome to another Chapter Officer Spotlight where we highlight leaders from various SME chapters including industry professionals and student chapter leaders showcasing their recent accomplishments. This month, we spoke with Margaret Ann DiFrancesco, SME Chapter S099, and Ane Marie Harb, SME Chapter 43. Learn more about Margaret and Ane and their experiences as SME Members.

This past May, Margaret Ann DiFrancesco graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing & Mechanical Engineering Technology. She will continue her education at Texas A&M University by working to obtain a Master of Science in Business, which is a one-year program designed for non-business majors to obtain core business knowledge and leadership development. She hopes to combine her engineering expertise with her business knowledge to pursue manufacturing, industrial, and automotive engineering consulting in the future.

How long have you been an SME member?

I have been a member for 2 years. I joined the SME in August of my Junior year. Before joining SME, I was passionate about my major but due to school online, I was unsure how to get involved and pursue areas of leadership. For the two years I was heavily involved, SME provided me with numerous leadership and professional development opportunities that changed my college experience. 

What officer position did you hold and for how long?

I was the President (August ’22 – May ’23) and Secretary (August ’21- May ’22). I was honored to enter SME in a leadership position. 

What do you like the best about being an officer?

I received the greatest sense of accomplishment seeing the hours of hard work the leadership team expended, making a difference in each member’s future. By sharing our mutual passion for manufacturing engineering, I have found through SME that my impact is heightened. 

What advice do you have for other officers?

Don’t take for granted the small networking opportunities SME has to offer as these open doors to even greater possibilities. SME is filled with professionals seeking to help young, passionate manufacturing engineers. This network is an incredible opportunity that not enough member’s leverage. 

Any other information you want to share?

During my summer internship which led to a part-time job during winter break, I was tasked with negotiating with companies if new materials or supplies were needed and implementing the solution. During this time, I worked with a coworker on one project that saved the company over $250,000 annually. 

I am honored to have been chosen by my engineering department to be their nomination for the Robert Gates-Muller Family Outstanding Student Award. In addition to this, I am also honored to have received the Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering Technology Leadership Excellent Award upon graduation.

Ane Marie Harb, Quality Manager, Comefri USA, Officer, SME Nashville Chapter 43

Ane Marie Harb is Quality Manager ASQ CQE, SSBB professional with knowledge and experience in quality engineering, process improvement, and occupational health and safety, currently working with Comefri USA overseeing safety/environmental. Harb is a chapter officer for SME Nashville Chapter 43. 

How long have you been an SME member?

I’ve been an SME Member since September 2013 (9 years and 9 months). 

What officer position did you hold and for how long?

Currently, I’m an Officer for SME Nashville Chapter 43 (as of January 2023). I’ve been an officer since 2014. I started as President of SME Student Chapter S239 at Middle Tennessee State University from Jan 2014 to December 2015. I joined SME Nashville Chapter 43 in 2016 and held different roles in the chapter over the past 7 years (2016-Secretary; 2017-2019: Treasurer; 2020-2022: Chair-Elect; 2023-Present: Chair). 

What do you like the best about being an officer?

I like working together with other officers in the chapter and learning from them. I also like being involved in planning and events organization, touring different manufacturing places and seeing manufacturing processes, and products. 

What advice do you have for other officers?

Continue being involved in the professional and student chapters and promote manufacturing. Current students/professionals and future generations interested in manufacturing will benefit from great volunteers work and dedication. Each officer’s time, skill, and expertise add value to chapter development. 

Any other information you want to share?

In my spare time, I enjoy gardening, landscaping, and watching movies. 

Do you want to be highlighted in our leader spotlight, or suggest one of your fellow officers be included? Each month there will be a professional and student chapter officer spotlighted. Email Heather Palermo, Manager of Chapter Development for SME to be included.

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