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Manufacturing Optimization (AMA Webinar 11-16-12) Title: Manufacturing Optimization and Validation: Affordable 3-D Simulation to Improve Manufacturing Process Designs Presenter: Scott Walter, PhD, Senior Technical Advisor, Visual Components
Synopsis: Technology exists today to discover, and in some cases, rediscover revenue that is lost in most manufacturing processes, regardless of industry or product. This technology is less radical than implementing a business system to support the strategic plans and business goals of any company that looks to the future for continued success. Three-dimensional simulation solutions have been traditionally available at the OEM level where these “early adopters” could afford the high cost of hardware and software. These computer-driven methodologies are now affordable and easy to use for not only those OEMs but the SMM (small/medium manufacturers), including the “Mom & Pop” shops as well. This webinar will demonstrate how 3-D simulation can be applied to the spectrum of manufacturing and applications. 
Simulation 101 Title: Simulation 101 – Overview of Simulation 
Presenter: Robin Clark, Co-Founder and Partner, Quantitative Modeling & Training Group
Synopsis: As time-to-market pressures increase, the role of simulation in the life cycle of a product has gained unprecedented importance. Whether you are designing a simple mechanical structure or a complete electromechancial system, simulation plays an important role in four (4) key areas: (1) virtual product design, (2) physical prototype validation, (3) production/operations analysis and (4) enterprise systems analysis.
Lean Simulation Title: Lean Simulation: "Test-Fly" Changes to the Operation 
Presenter: Jim Curry, CEO, OpStat Group Inc.
Synopsis: This presentation will focus on a case study of a high-mix plant in which a lean team used simulation to test process changes needed to convert from a push process to a demand-driven pull process, before implementing them in the actual work environment.