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Value Stream Mapping DVD

Value Stream Mapping uncovers the shop floor side and human element behind this lean continuous improvement process. See the process and outcomes of a two-day training event at Jotul North America.

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Cutting Tool Design DVD

Cutting tools have many shapes, each of which is described by its angles or geometry. This program, part of the Fundamentals of Tool Design Video Series, explores single-point and multi-point cutting tool geometries as well as the machining variables that affect the cutting tool design.

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Rapid Manufacturing DVD

This program delivers the insight of 12 seasoned industry experts from across the globe. Each brings a fresh perspective as they share views on the practical applications and the future of direct digital manufacturing.

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Setup Reduction DVD

This program follows a three-day journey where you'll see how to champion a setup reduction event, measure your current methods, identify time elements behind setup, and learn what it takes to change and improve new methods.

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Lean Product Development DVD

The Lean Product Development program is an excellent way to get started on your journey to dramatic reductions in time-to-market and greater value-creation for your customers.

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Lean Automation DVD

Lean Automation explores the motivations and practical implementation of automation in manufacturing and how it might be more effective when used with lean principles.

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Rapid Tooling Design DVD

Rapid Tooling Design explores the development and application of various direct and indirect rapid tooling technologies used to create injection molds.

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Troubleshooting Tool and Die Making DVD

The goal of troubleshooting tool and die making is to optimize your tooling investment by balancing tooling costs against the expected return on investment. This program looks at the causes of tool and die failure, and offers a step-by-step methodology to troubleshoot problems and proactively understand their cause to alleviate failure.