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Progressive Die Design DVD

Progressive dies perform fundamental cutting and forming operations simultaneously at various stations within a die during each press stroke. This program, part of the Fundamentals of Tool Design Video Series, explores the essential design variables used in part/strip development that contribute to part quality, progressive die tool maintenance, tool life, and tool cost.

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Composite Tooling Design DVD

Quality tooling is a fundamental requirement for the manufacture of composite parts. This is due to the fact that every step in the composite part manufacturing process must be tightly controlled to ensure superior material properties and predictable performance in the final product.This program explores the composite materials used for tooling and tooling design.

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Poka-Yoke: Mistake Proofing DVD

Poka-Yoke: Mistake Proofing measures and evaluates the modern and practical methods behind mistake proofing or poka-yoke. You'll visit three companies to see how the use of mistake-proofing techniques and reducing workplace errors can help reduce costs, increase quality, and accelerate customer delivery time.

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Turning and the Lathe DVD

Turning on the lathe is one of the most common metalcutting operations. Lathes are particularly suited to machining relatively long, cylindrical workpieces, yet can create a variety of parts ranging from small watch components to massive propeller shafts.

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Grinding DVD

This program focuses on grinding and how it is used to shape and finish high precision workpieces made from metals and nonmetals. It features segments on precision grinding methods, abrasives and grinding wheels, balancing, and dressing grinding wheels, grinding safety, and workpiece surface finish.

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Plating and Surface Coatings

Plating and surface coating processes are used throughout manufacturing to provide protection, durability and decoration to parts. This program explains and highlights the use of electroplating, electroless plating, conversion coating, hot dipping, and porcelain enameling.

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Investment Casting

In the Investment Casting segment, Express Pattern and Barron Industries are highlighted to see how rapid prototyping accelerates investment casting prototypes, processes and production.

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Composite Manufacturing Processes

The Composite Manufacturing Processes segment highlights the numerous methods of producing composite parts, including: manual lay-up, automated lay-up using tape laying machines and fiber placement machines, vacuum bag molding, spray-up, filament winding, pultrusion, and resin transfer molding. The various ways in which composite parts are cured is also presented.

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The Injection Molding Machine

The Injection Molding Machine segment covers in detail both the injection system and the clamping system. In step by step progression, thermoplastic material is followed from its raw material state through the melting process and onto it's injection into the mold. Throughout the sequence, various components of the injection machine are explained, including the reciprocating screw, and the various machine platens.