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Fundamental Manufacturing Processes Video Series Sampler DVD

This video program is a sampler of the programming from the Fundamental Manufacturing Processes Video Series. It highlights 22 of the most important manufacturing processes, with each excerpt providing approximately five minutes of shop floor footage and animations to help you visualize manufacturing concepts and technologies.

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Tube Bending DVD

This Tube Bending program explores the various materials and methods used for bending and end forming tubes.

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Composite Manufacturing Processes

The Composite Manufacturing Processes segment highlights the numerous methods of producing composite parts, including: manual lay-up, automated lay-up using tape laying machines and fiber placement machines, vacuum bag molding, spray-up, filament winding, pultrusion, and resin transfer molding. The various ways in which composite parts are cured is also presented.

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The Injection Molding Machine

The Injection Molding Machine segment covers in detail both the injection system and the clamping system. In step by step progression, thermoplastic material is followed from its raw material state through the melting process and onto it's injection into the mold. Throughout the sequence, various components of the injection machine are explained, including the reciprocating screw, and the various machine platens.

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Automated Composite Layup and Spray-up

This Automated Composite Layup and Spray-up program focuses on the various automated processes and equipment developed to manufacture composite products of high quality. The use of CNC gantry ply-cutters, robots, tape lamination machines and fiber placement machines are among the automated technologies detailed.

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Plating and Surface Coatings

Plating and surface coating processes are used throughout manufacturing to provide protection, durability and decoration to parts. This program explains and highlights the use of electroplating, electroless plating, conversion coating, hot dipping, and porcelain enameling.

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Investment Casting

In the Investment Casting segment, Express Pattern and Barron Industries are highlighted to see how rapid prototyping accelerates investment casting prototypes, processes and production.