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How EVs Will Reshape the Auto Supply Chain

The transition from traditional internal combustion engines to electric vehicles will drive a massive change in the automotive and commercial vehicle industry for a large segment of the supply chain.

Mastercam Retains Top Ranking Worldwide in 2020

More shops and schools invest in Mastercam than any other CAD/CAM software package in the world, according to CIMdata, an independent research firm specializing in the NC industry. CIMdata reports that Mastercam is the number one CAM software used worldwide for 26 years in a row

National Safety Council Statement on New CDC Testing Guidelines

The National Safety Council urges employers to continue to be vigilant with testing despite the recent guideline amendment issued by the CDC. Without a clear rationale for these changes, NSC continues to recommend employers test workers to ensure a safe workplace.

Autonomous Mobile Robots Drive Manufacturing Versatility

Robotics have come a long way since the first industrial robot was installed at General Motors. Denise Ebenhoech, Regional Head of Advanced Robotics Applications at KUKA Robotics, sits down with Chris Mahar, Associate Editor, to discuss recent developments within mobile robots. From cleans rooms to job shops to moving entire airplane assemblies, autonomous mobile robots are helping manufacturers succeed in today’s advanced manufacturing landscape.

Digital Twin and the Smart Enterprise

Bruce Morey, Senior Technical Editor for Manufacturing Engineering Magazine in this podcast engages in a wide ranging discussion on Digital Twin technology with Ron Beck, Marketing Strategy Director for Aspen Technology, Inc.

The Importance Of Being Able To Pivot

Crean Inc. President James Crean discusses the post-pandemic future of manufacturing. His firm has been helping companies implement smart manufacturing tech so they can be more flexible and able to pivot, whenever necessary. Supply chains need to be brought back to the U.S., in part because of mass customization and “Amazon-time” demands, he says. He also prescribes ways for smaller companies to take advantage of demand shifts in the marketplace.

Creating Operational Excellence with Incentive Pay

In this podcast, Bruce Morey, Senior Technical Editor for Manufacturing Engineering Magazine discusses with Vince Bovino, of the Bovino Consulting Group how four basic principles around incentive pay can improve an organization’s performance and profitability.

The Digital Transformation of Manufacturing

Digital transformation has been a major topic for manufacturers, but what exactly is it, and how can manufacturers use it to their advantage? In this episode, Alan Rooks, Editor in Chief of Manufacturing Engineering Magazine talks with Mo Abuali, Ph.D., Managing Partner at IoTco, about what Industry 4.0, IIoT, AI, and machine learning mean to the North American manufacturing industry; how manufacturers can create value from these tools; use cases that manufacturers should focus on; and the first steps manufacturers should take in order to get started in their own digital transformation.

Targeting the Skills Gap in Forming and Fabricating

As in other industries, U.S. forming and fabricating companies are experiencing a critical shortage of skilled labor. In this SME Media podcast, Alan Rooks, Editor in Chief of Manufacturing Engineering magazine, talks with Robert Tessier, National Director of Advanced Fabrication Technologies for Airgas about the skills gap in the forming and fabricating industry; changes needed in the education system to fill the need for skilled labor; how automation factors into efforts to reduce the skills gap; and efforts at Airgas to develop workers for manufacturing operations, including a special program for military veterans.

The Growing Role of Automation in Finishing Operations

Finishing operations have traditionally been manual, but automation and robotics are making major inroads in this key manufacturing process. In this podcast, Alan Rooks, Editor in Chief of Manufacturing Engineering magazine talks with Normand Stoycheff, Business Development Manager for AV&R, and Giovanni Bevilacqua, Business Development Manager also with AV&R about emerging trends in automation/robotics; the main reasons allowing robotics to evolve from traditional pick-and-drop usage to more elaborate processes; how robots help the surface finishing process throughout the industry; and how surface finishing operations are developing the capability to inspect and repair.