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Doughnut maker sprinkles traceability over operations

Smart technology can turn a food and beverage producer into a predictor rather than a reactor. When it comes to safety, today’s connected metal detectors allow immediate and remote access while enabling suppliers to review and compare operational data.

How much better off would U.S. be during pandemic with smart, connected manufacturing?

With automakers turning out ventilators and protective face shields, brewers and distillers bottling hand sanitizer, and garment factories stitching up gowns and masks to fill a yawning gap in personal protective equipment for health care workers, the coronavirus pandemic is shining a million-watt spotlight on the critical role manufacturing plays in society.

Industry 4.0 Offers Real Solutions

Industry 4.0 often seems like a vague, faraway idea, but there are several practical and relatively easy steps that can be taken to jump into the “future of manufacturing” right now. From addressing skilled labor shortages to increasing machine utilization, a fancy title should not stop a shop owner from using what works.

No Shop Too Small for Industry 4.0

The ability to take Industry 4.0 software and implement it into your current server system, connect your machine tools, start collecting data and make it valuable to your business is very easy to do. That is according to Brad Klippstein, supervisor and product specialist at Okuma America Corp., Charlotte, N.C.

For older workers, wearables are where it's at

When the ergonomics team at General Motors decided to field test wearables to augment their plant workers’ physical abilities, they partnered with body mechanics experts who collect data in a scientific way—and talked with users.

Double-Duty Lasers

As laser manufacturing systems for sheet and tube grow more sophisticated—powerful, automated and scalable—navigating the wealth of choices might feel daunting.