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How the IIoT Can Change Business Models

When manufacturers envision the future of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) for their own operations, they’re likely to focus on its potential within the walls of their own factories. And they’re not wrong.

Choosing to be an Engineer

Today, I am a mechanical engineering student who dreams of working in the aerospace industry. Today, I know where my passion lies, where my future may take me and the kinds of problems I may be solving.

Manufacturing and AI: Promises and Pitfalls

We all know the buzzwords circulating around digital data and the factory. You have heard them—Industry 4.0, smart factories, data analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI). The question we all have is how will this impact workers in the long term? What do these terms really mean? Nevertheless, both traditional software suppliers and makers of advanced manufacturing equipment are offering digital solutions.

Tool Presetters Take On Industry 4.0

For machine shops in a competitive global marketplace, keeping spindles running and making product is the only way to stay in business. Still, adding a new piece of equipment, even with the promise of improving the efficiency of your existing ones, may be a difficult sell to management.

Making Medical Miracles

Changes in health care are driving more innovative tooling, including new machining strategies and complex cutting tools that help deliver more patient-centered solutions.

Simulation, Verification, Optimization Boost Accuracy

Simulation technology must keep pace with rapid advances in manufacturing so that users can learn to use and protect new equipment. Recent advances in Vericut include support for additive manufacturing and hybrid methods, robotic welding, laser sintering, and grinding while dressing to change the shape of the grinding wheel.

WESTEC 2019 to Focus on Future of Manufacturing in the US

Author: SME Communications

WESTEC, the largest manufacturing event on the West Coast, is coming to Long Beach this year for a three-day event showcasing some of the newest cutting-edge technologies in manufacturing and providing access to hundreds of leading experts on key industries including aerospace, medical, industrial machinery and consumer goods.