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Driving Talent: Developing Next-Gen Talent for the U.S. Automotive Sector

SME research indicates more than three-quarters of U.S. automotive manufacturers and suppliers anticipate major challenges finding the skilled workers they need. In this report, SME examines that talent gap in detail and explore ways our nation can quickly act to reverse current trends and retain its leadership in the auto sector.

Bringing Industry 4.0 into Aerospace Composite Production

Forecasts show a coming wave of aircraft production that will stress the aerospace composites industry. From swarms of low cost military unmanned aircraft (UAVS), to 40,000 commercial aircraft, to air taxis, all will require composites to meet their cost and performance requirements. A state change must happen if the aerospace industry is to achieve production rates, driving the need to apply automation and Industry 4.0 concepts into composite production.

White Papers and Reports

White Papers and Reports White Papers and Reports White Papers and Reports SME has published a variety of white papers and reports on topics ranging from manufacturing education to competency

2020 COVID-19 Future Outlook Study Executive Summary

With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to sweep across the United States, there has been much speculation about its long-term impact on the manufacturing industry and the industry’s ability to recover. To gage the impact COVID-19 will have on the manufacturing industry, SME Media surveyed more than 700 manufacturing professionals to understand how their companies will begin to recover post-COVID-19.

Trends in Digital Manufacturing

Understanding the challenges the manufacturing community faces and their plans in adopting advanced technologies is critical to the success of the industry. In the Trends in Digital Manufacturing survey jointly conducted by SME and Plataine, nearly 400 C-level manufacturers from multiple industries provide key insights into their plans for factory digitization.

2019 Manufacturing Technology Harmonization Study Executive Summary

Many organizations struggle with new technology insertion into their manufacturing enterprises. SME conducted the Manufacturing Technology Harmonization Study to understand how companies approach this challenge of integrating smart manufacturing, big data, and both new and old capital equipment in a cost-effective and practical implementation.

Bioengineers Needed: Expansive Growth in Medical 3D Printing

Discusses the opportunities and challenges in the crossover between engineering and biology in a new white paper released today. Industry will need to rely on a competency model to help guide hospitals and device manufacturers in recruiting and retaining the next generation of biomedical experts. With the rapid growth and potentially lifesaving benefits of additive technologies, there is urgency around recruiting and training bioengineers who can handle what is essentially a new occupation requiring unique skillsets.

2018 Manufacturing Compensation Report

SME, in partnership with Arconic Foundation and the SME Education Foundation, has produced the 2018 Manufacturing Compensation Report. The report offers a comprehensive look at salaries, bonuses and other compensation for both hourly and salaried manufacturing employees.

2020 Manufacturing Industry Compensation Study

With the strong demand for top performers, manufacturers are intent on gaining a competitive edge on building compensation packages designed on attracting and retaining the very best talent. Now in its third year, the Manufacturing Industry Compensation Study reviews industry compensation from both hourly and salaried employees across multiple industries and job functions. The study also includes information on self-reported benefit packages that employees receive from their employers.

Experts In Demand: Growth in Metal AM Creates Need for Professionals

The additive manufacturing industry grew 21% in 2017, as the industry expanded by more than $1.25 billion, creating new products and geometries that haven’t been done before, according to the Wohlers Report 2018. Metal Additive Manufacturing has experienced significant growth in the last year, with an 80% increase in metal AM hardware systems sold in 2017 compared with AM systems sold in 2016, according to the Report.