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Introduction to Lean Tooling DVD

This Introduction to Lean Tooling program examines how manufacturing companies are using lean tooling as an integral part of lean manufacturing to immediately cut costs, drastically reduce production lead time, and ensure quality. It will help you organize your tooling so you can find every tool you need in less than 30 seconds and it will help you get tooling ready faster so that setup time is minimized.

Heat Treating DVD

This program highlights the versatility of heat treating in altering the metallurgical properties of metals and alloys. This versatility is broken down into three groups of processes: through hardening processes, surface hardening processes, and softening processes.

Gears and Gear Manufacturing DVD

This program introduces many primary gear terms and definitions, including involute curve, base circle, pitch circle, pitch point, line of action, outside circle, root circle, and many others. Also featured are the various gear forms, functions, axis positions, and gear machining and finishing processes.

Brazing and Soldering DVD

Both brazing and soldering are common methods of joining metals, with uses in various industrial applications. This program covers the array of common brazing and soldering methods, including torch brazing, batch furnace brazing, continuous furnace brazing, dip brazing, induction brazing, iron soldering, and wave soldering.