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Introduction to Lean Tooling DVD

This Introduction to Lean Tooling program examines how manufacturing companies are using lean tooling as an integral part of lean manufacturing to immediately cut costs, drastically reduce production lead time, and ensure quality. It will help you organize your tooling so you can find every tool you need in less than 30 seconds and it will help you get tooling ready faster so that setup time is minimized.

Mistake Proofing: Achieving Zero Defects DVD

As products increase in complexity and processes have to be configured very quickly to hit small windows of opportunity, the implementation of a mistake proofing program, or poka-yoke, becomes a critical part of any manufacturing system. This Mistake Proofing: Achieving Zero Defects program shows how poka-yoke is being implemented and in what direction it is leading manufacturing. See how several leading companies developed systems to answer key questions in the mistake proofing process.

Forging DVD

This Forging program begins by outlining forging's function in refining the metallurgical microstructure of wrought mills forms, and it's use in generating parts to near-net shape from these forms. Featured are segments on the various types of forging processes, including: Open-Die Forging, Impression-Die Forging, and Related Forging Processes.

Kanban Systems DVD

Ideal as an introduction to the basic concepts of kanban. See what kanban systems are available, how they work, and where they'll be successful. Discussion centers on how this lean tool supports inventory control to better respond to customer demands, promote visual control, and reduce costs.

Compression Molding DVD

The use of compression molding in high volume, high quality composite parts production is featured prominently in this Compression Molding program. The various sheet, thick and bulk molding compounds are detailed as well as mold types used.

Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA) DVD

Design for manufacture and assembly (DFMA) is a proven design methodology used to optimize part costs and quality, while reducing time-to-market development. Part of the award-winning Manufacturing Insights Video Series, this program features an interview with Nicholas Dewhurst of Boothroyd Dewhurst. He explains the concepts and use of DFMA in product analysis to understand the drivers of cost, and the interaction of the individual pieces within the product to optimize design, manufacturability, and assembly.