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Lean Certification Mentoring Guide (PDF)

Mentoring Guide Overview - This guide defines the general terms and the overall mentoring process of Lean Certification. It provides guidance for the development of a mutually beneficial relationship between the mentor and the protégé through a structured process. This document is designed to serve as a general guide for mentoring. Where necessary, other documents, forms and references provide additional details and information. The benefits of every relationship are maximized when both parties contribute toward agreed upon goals. Therefore, while this guide is aimed primarily at the mentor, it provides guidance for the protégé, as well.

Lean Gold Certification Blueprint (PDF)

The Lean Certification Blueprint provides additional useful information beyond the Body of Knowledge. The Body of Knowledge specifies the competencies, topics, and subtopics required by different types of lean professionals. The Blueprint goes one step further by specifying the segments of the relevant Body of Knowledge covered by the specific professional certification, and provides detail on the level of proficiency expected for each certification. The Blueprint codifies the content that lean Certification addresses in terms of terminal learning objectives (TLOs) and enabling learning/certification objectives (ELOs).

Recertification Reflection (PDF)

Recertification Reflection - Only one reflection can be submitted per recertification period. Continuous improvement and human development are at the heart of the lean journey.