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Safety Webinar Oct. 2017Title: Safety Light Curtains, Controls and Safety Distance
Presenter: Dean Phillips, Sales Engineer, LINK Systems
Synopsis: During this webinar, learn how to use presence-sensing devices (light curtains), the dos and don’ts for applications, proper safety distance, proper control design and light curtains versus other guarding solutions.

Safety Webinar Nov. 2017 Title: Lockout/Tagout and Machine Operation
Presenter: Dean Phillips, Sales Engineer LINK Systems
Synopsis: In this webinar, the proper lockout/tagout of machines, the requirements for energy isolation,  removal of hazardous energy and the sequence of operation will be discussed.

SafetyTitle: Safety 101 – Top 10 Safety Violations
Presenter: Dean Phillips, Sales Engineer, LINK Systems Safety and Automation Controls, and Sandra Bennett, Manager of Training and Education, Tennessee Occupational Safety & Health
Synopsis: This webinar covers general safety information, common safety concerns, misapplication of tools, safety formulas, OSHA regulations and safety equipment. Applications including but not exclusive to automotive, aerospace, medical, defense, machining and all safety directors.