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Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer Award

Since 1980, the SME Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer Award has recognized manufacturing engineers, age 35 or younger, who have made exceptional contributions and accomplishments in the manufacturing industry.

Nominees can be selected by the SME's International Awards & Recognition Committee based on a single outstanding accomplishment, such as technical publications, patents, academic or industry leadership, or for several significant accomplishments in one or more areas of activity. The impact of these accomplishments should be recognized beyond the nominee's own institution or company.

Nomination Eligibility & Requirements

  • Age 35 or younger on Aug. 1 of the year of their nomination
  • A graduate or nongraduate engineer or technologist

Note: SME membership is not a requirement for nominees.

To submit an Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer nomination:

  • Download a nomination form (MS WORD).
  • Verify that the nominee meets all necessary eligibility requirements outlined above and on the nomination form.
  • Include two (2) strong, broad-based letters of recommendation, preferably on letterhead; one can be submitted by the nominator, which briefly highlights the nominee's accomplishments. Note: Self-nominations and/or submissions will not be accepted.  
  • Submit as thorough as possible supporting information on the nomination form.
  • Enclose the nominee's CV or resume. All nominations must include one of these forms of career histories.

Send the completed nomination form, two letters of recommendation and either a resume or CV no later than Aug. 1 of each year to:

SME International Awards & Recognition Committee
c/o Executive Offices
1000 Town Center, Suite 1910, Southfield, MI 48075
Fax: 313.425.3406 | Email:


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Recent Award Winners

SME Announces 2023 Delcie Durham Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineers

The 18 awardees were selected based on their diverse manufacturing backgrounds, technology advancements/improvements and state-of-the-art research. The 2023 award namesake is longtime SME member Delcie R. Durham, PhD, FSME, PE, a professor emeritus in the University of South Florida’s department of Mechanical Engineering.
2023 Award Winners Press Release

Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer Award Recipients (1980 to present)

ABDEL-MALEK, Karim (2000)
ABU-FARHA, Fadi, PhD (2015)
ADRICH, David P. (1985)
AGAPIOU, John S., PhD, FSME (1992)
AGARWAL, Kuldeep, PhD (2015)
AGOGINO, Alice M., PhD (1988)
AKÇALI, Elif, PhD (2004)
AKEEL, Nezar A. (2004)
ALEXANDER, Amy (2019)
ALLADA, Venkat (1998)
ALPTEKIN, Sema, PhD (1988)
AMMONS, Jane C. (1986)
ANDERSON, Shepherd M. (2000)
ANDRUS, Lisa D. (1987)
ANTANI, Kavit (2006)
ARINEZ, Jorge F., PhD (2006)
ARMSTRONG SR., Stephen C. (1990)
ARNOLD, Gregory A. (1988)
ASADA, Haruhiko (1984)
AWTAR, Shorya, Sc.D, (2011)
AYALA, Jose R. (2000)
AZEREDO, Bruno, PhD (2022)
BABIN, Thomas S. (1994)
BAER, Michael Ray (1993)
BAKER, Brian V. (1987)
BALAJEE, Yogesh (2018)
BALDWIN, Daniel F. (1999)
BANDYOPADHYAY, Pulak, PhD (1988)
BARAJAS, Leandro, PhD (2007)
BARTON, Kira, PhD (2015)


BATHGATE, William S. (1985)
BECRAFT, Terrance Lee (1986)
BEDEWY, Mostafa, PhD, (2018)
ENEDICT, Gary F. (1987)
BENJAAFAR, Saifallah (1997)
BHAPKAR, Rohit (2017)
BIGOT, Samuel, PhD (2007)
BLONDHEIM, David, Jr., PE (2016)
BOLHOUSE, Valerie C. (1986)
BONINI, James P. (1992)
BONTHA, Srikanth, PhD (2010)
BOSE, Subhash C. (1991)
BRADLEY, Paul D., PE (1997)
BRALEY, Daniel (2018)
BRANDAL, Grant, PhD (2018)
BRAY, Dennis S., PhD, FSME (1985)
BRIDGES, Jasmine (2013)
BRIDGES-TAYLOR, Christine Anne (1990)
BRISSON, Dean G. (1988)
BROOKS, Mariely M. (2018)
BROOKS, Steven L. (1990)
BROUSSEAU, Emanuel, PhD (2011)
BRUCHER, Thomas (1995)
BRUNDAGE, Michael P., PhD (2021)
BUKKAPATNAM, Satish, PhD (2005)
BULLARD, Elizabeth (2021)
BURNS, Barbara A. (1983)
CALA, Martin (1989)
CAMELIO, Jaime A., PhD (2007)
CAO, Jian, PhD, FSME (2002)