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Viewpoints: Is Your Metrologist Really Certified to Drive?

Ron Rode, 2015 SMSC Chair, Coordinate Metrology Society


The shop floor is buzzing as everyone scurries to wrap up their activities for the end of the shift. Everyone that is, except for you and your team. You are getting ready to suit up and go full throttle. Your lane is open and you have exactly 8 hours to make it to the finish line. Only you are not looking for the checkered flag.  Full Article

UpFront: Take a Ride with the Early Adopters in Aerospace

Editor in Chief Sarah A. Webster


When it comes to the latest advanced manufacturing technologies, few industries are better leaders—researchers, developers and adopters —than the aerospace industry. In anticipation of SME’s annual AERODEF event, which will be held April 20–23 in Dallas, we’ve dedicated much of this issue to the aerospace industry, which faces big challenges. Full Article

Metrology Helps Automation Deliver More, Faster

Scott Everling, Hexagon Metrology


In one sense, the world of manufacturing automation has been remarkably stable and moving at a steady pace. But the definition of what constitutes automation is changing, and this new paradigm encompasses metrology solutions on the factory floor. When the task of automating inspection is placed near the point of production on the shop floor, good things start to happen. Full Article

HOUSTEX 2015: The Only Things Bigger Than Energy Industry Tools Are Ideas

Senior Editor Jim Lorincz


When you’re in the energy hub that is Houston, there is no escaping awareness of the price of oil. There really hasn’t been a break since late last summer when oil prices began to plunge. To the optimistic, higher oil prices that the industry needs won’t likely happen until yearend. Big ideas at the 2015 edition of Houstex matched the big machine tool technology needed to maintain the role of the US as a global leader in oil & gas production. Full Article

New Engineers, New (Fun!) Education

Contributing Editor Bruce Morey


The challenges of today’s economy and information technology requires us to re-think how we act as engineers and how engineers are educated. I think I saw the future while helping a high school FIRST Robotics team. It upended my traditional view of engineering education and even how we work. Fun, community, trust, and sharing are the way of the future. Full Article

Viewpoints: Hybrid Machines, Standard CNC Work Together

Randy Pearson, International Business Development Manager, Siemens Industry Inc.


When additive machining emerged a bit more than two decades ago, it quickly became a prototyping marvel. As design changes were made to a part or product, the result could be quickly visualized in a 3D solid part. Manufacturers also appreciated the tool, as it enabled them to see potential process problems in the actual cutting of the part. Full Article

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