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Metrology Gets Connected

Contributing Editor Bruce Morey


“Metrology and its relationship to manufacturing is rapidly evolving,” Ken Woodbine, president, Wilcox Associates, a brand of Hexagon Metrology (North Kingstown, RI), recently observed. “We are seeing larger quantities and faster speeds of measurement data collection. The next challenge is what to do with all that data.” Hexagon is expanding its focus, building off its base in metrology, toward an increased emphasis on optimizing manufacturing processes. Woodbine describes this expansion in a paradigm of the brand’s Sensing, Thinking, and Acting mantra. Full Article

Closing the Manufacturing Loop with Metrology

Stefan Scherer, CEO, Alicona


The US faces an exciting and challenging time as it begins to reshore manufacturing. In particular, industry faces with the need to manufacture complex high-tech products with tight tolerances and a high degree of automation. Full Article

New Verisurf Programmable CMM Master Automated Shop Floor Inspection System

Press Release - Verisurf


Verisurf Software, Inc. launched today the New CMM Master, Programmable CMM system. The complete automated shop floor inspection system combines the power of Verisurf software with the Equator comparative gauge; the result is a fast, easy, accurate, affordable and portable programmable CMM system. Verisurf CMM Master can greatly increase throughput and reduce scrap rates, at a fraction of the cost of traditional CMM systems. Full Article

Advances in Hand-Held Metrology

Contributing Editor Bruce Morey


While high-end metrology devices like advanced laser scanners or precision CMMs garner a lot of attention, it is hard to imagine any industrial setting without the presence of work-a-day hand-held, contact metrology tools such as calipers or micrometers. That is what Justin Frazzini, quality manager for A.A. Jansson (Waterford, MI), retailer and calibration and repair service provider, observes in his practice. Full Article

New Software Puts Big Data to Practical, Specific Use

Contributing Editor Ilene Wolff


Today’s metrology software—compared with applications available as recently as the turn of the century—is more accurate, has the capacity to analyze bigger data sets, is faster, and makes using it easier. “It’s mind boggling how fast it moves data. And that’s really critical to getting your job done,” said Ron Rode, past president of the Coordinate Metrology Society (Weatherford, TX). “Scanning is getting more and more accurate, you’re able to take bigger and more dense cloud points, and the software is getting much more robust.” Full Article

UpFront: Metrology Today—More than Mere Measurements

Editor in Chief Sarah A. Webster


At the start of the summer, I visited Southwest Germany, an area that is home to a lot of big names in advanced manufacturing technologies. Which makes it no coincidence that Mercedes, Porsche, Bosch and Mahle also call the region home. One of the companies I visited with was Jenoptik AG, and in particular, its industrial metrology division, which develops pneumatic, tactile and optical measurement devices. Full Article

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