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Speeding Up Moldmaking Processes

Senior Editor Patrick Waurzyniak


Moldmaking is making a comeback, with more reshoring to North America of mold-and-die manufacturing that left for the Far East and other low-cost manufacturing centers. With faster metalcutting through high-speed machining (HSM) and improved EDM techniques, mold-and-die shops are finding innovative ways to compete with manufacturing operations in traditionally low-cost labor markets. Full Article

Dynamic Programming Optimizes Material Removal Rate

Edited by Senior Editor Jim Lorincz


Reducing lead times is nothing new to job shops but figuring out which method works best for each shop is a never-ending challenge. According to Curt Shatz, general manager of Planet Tool and Engineering (O’Fallon, MO), his company’s approach has been to train each machinist on the shop floor to use Mastercam CAD/CAM software from CNC Software Inc. (Tolland, CT), even if their knowledge of its functionality is just at the basic level. Full Article

Making Your Factory Smarter Pays Fast Dividends

Edited by Senior Editor Patrick Waurzyniak


Mohamed Abuali is CEO of Forcam Inc. Manufacturing Engineering: How critical is monitoring the factory floor for today’s manufacturers? Mohamed Abuali: Manufacturers today are under significant pressures to increase quality part production and reduce costs to become more competitive. Without real-time actionable intelligence from the factory floor, factories are running in the dark. Smart factory is all about ‘connectivity’ to the shop floor [machines and assets] and to IT systems on the top floor [ERP work orders and operation for part data]. Full Article

Two New Devices Focus on Securely Accessing Data in Legacy Machines

Smart Manufacturing Editor Brett Brune


A trio of Mazak, Memex and Cisco is beginning to sell SmartBox, a device meant to securely manage manufacturing data—information on axes, spindles, temperatures, cutting times, downtimes and part counts, for starters—culled from machines that have been laboring in a sort of silence for decades. At the same time, a pairing of Forcam and Wago plans to release a similar device it calls the PFC100 Industrial MTConnect device before July. Full Article

FANUC Launches New IoT System for Smart Manufacturing Era

Editor in Chief Sarah A. Webster


TOKYO – An enthusiastic Yoshiharu Inaba, President and CEO of FANUC Corp., the world’s leading supplier of robotics and factory automation, on Wednesday unveiled a wide range of new products -- collaborative robots, CNCs and easy-to-use human-machine interfaces -- at an invitation-only event for engineering and other executives from American manufacturing companies. But the big highlight of the day was clear: an all-new Internet of Things technology called FIELD that will undergird the company’s vision for the smarter factory of the future. Full Article

Change at the Speed of Electrons

Contributing Editor Bruce Morey


A number of discussions from this year’s SAE World Congress highlights trends that could geatly affect how vehicles are conceived and manufactured. If these projections hold true, the coming change could be as profound as the bankruptcies and disruptions of the Great Recession.   Full Article

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