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Membership-Related Webinars

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High School MembershipTitle: Attracting the Next Gen SME Member
Presenters: Paul Plotkowski, PhD, Dean, Padnos College of Engineering & Computing, Grand Valley State University, and Melissa Dochter, Sales Engineer, Schneider Electric
Synopsis: This webinar provides an overview of the value of SME Membership at both the high school and postsecondary levels. Guest speakers Paul Plotkowski and Melissa Dochter, who are current SME Member Council representatives, share details about the value of membership for students, educators and faculty. They also share real-world examples about how to access these services and resources for the educator and/or student for classroom projects, curriculum support and career development.

Mentor ProgramsTitle: SME Mentor Programs
Presenter: Dolores Nixon, Community Manager, SME
Synopsis: This webinar provides an overview of SME's High School and Professional Mentor programs. The SME Mentor Program is a partnership through which mentors share knowledge, skills, information and perspective to nurture the objectives of the mentee. See how the mentor programs can connect you with other SME members in a mentor/mentee relationship to help achieve personal, educational and professional development goals.
Title: Chapter Officer Training 6-23-16Chapter Leadership Training: Chapter Event Planning Strategies and Tools
Presenter: Joanne Moody, Silicon Valley Chapter 98
Synopsis: This webinar provides details on using SME Connect to promote chapter events. Also, learn firsthand how SME Silicon Valley Chapter 98 member Joanne Moody utilized SME Connect for Chapter 98's 11th Annual Conference.
Title: SME Education Foundation's PRIME® Initiative
Presenter: Rodney Grover, Senior Development Officer, SME Education Foundation
Synopsis: Learn how SME chapters can fulfill key engagement objectives by partnering with the SME Education Foundation through its PRIME (Partnership Response In Manufacturing Education) initiative. DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION 
Chapter Officer Training Webinar 4-26-16Title: Chapter Leadership Training
Presenters: Dean Phillips, 2016 Vice-Chair, SME Member Council, and Dick Tiano, Chair, Greater Charleston Chapter 430
This webinar provides an overview of the responsibilities for the chapter officer positions, including chapter chair and chair-elect, secretary and treasurer and resources available on the Volunteer Leader Toolkit, as well as insights from Member Council Vice-Chair Dean Phillips and Greater Charleston Chapter 430 Chair Dick Tiano. DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION

SME Connect Webinar 3-29-16Title: SME Connect Chapter Leadership Training
Presenter: Dolores Nixon, Community Manager, SME
Synopsis: This webinar provides an overview of the SME Connect site, including how to pull a chapter roster; how to message members; how to post discussions, blogs, chapter announcements and chapter events; and much more.


SME Membership 3-26-15Title: Key Benefits of SME Membership
Presenter: Melissa Parrillo, Business Development Specialist, Schneider Electric
Synopsis: SME Member Council Representative Melissa Parrillo shares her story on why she's taken on such an active role within SME. Parrillo will also provide examples and build awareness of how to utilize key membership benefits and features to make connections, network and expand your knowledge resources as an SME member. DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION