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Making 3D Sensing Even Better

Bruce Morey, Contributing Editor


Three dimensional, non-contact metrology devices are as good as they have ever been. However, the conclusion from industry is they need to get better. Wide area, large part sensing and metrology is going to get a boost from the recently formed PrecisionPath Consortium for Large-Scale Manufacturing. Full Article

Are You Ready for the Digital Decision Makers?

Rob Keenan, President, Seco Tools LLC


The world is in the midst of another major industrial evolution—a digital one that continues to impact manufacturing at levels comparable to those of the driven conveyor assembly line, interchangeable parts concept and computer numerical control (CNC). But most significantly, it has altered the dynamics of the industrial purchasing process. Customer expectations have changed, especially as younger generations enter the manufacturing sector. Full Article

Top Four Industrial Trends to Watch in 2016

Randy Crawford


The skilled worker shortage is increasing workers’ compensation costs, however the right strategic plan can address this issue. Objectives should include: mitigating adverse loss trends; identifying/evaluating the cost of claim trends; and projecting the financial improvement of a risk control plan. Full Article

Aerospace Industry: Makeover in Mid-Flight

Editor in Chief Sarah A. Webster


Business is everything but ho-hum in the aerospace industry these days. Backlogs are enormous, about 10 years deep. According to the most recently available data, Boeing’s backlog was about 5700 commercial airplane orders, worth $485 billion, and Airbus reported a record backlog of 6787 aircraft worth $996 billion. Full Article

Balancing Productivity and Predictability

Bill Malanche, Vice President, Mitsui Seiki USA


Many of us spend our days tweaking machine tool designs, cutting tools, components, devices and software to continually improve and evolve to a new sweet spot between predictability and productivity for our aerospace customers. When one aspect of the overall system evolves in a new direction, it impacts all the rest, nudging the other elements to come up to speed, and sometimes that means literally, which is where we are now: boosting the speed of the predictable processes in place. Full Article

Local Chapters Pave the Way for Involvement and Leadership Opportunities

Maite Mauri, Program Manager - ACES, Amazon, SME Member Since 2011


I’ve been asked many times why I’m an involved volunteer member at SME. The answer is simple: it makes me happy. Attending a company tour and learning about the different ways manufacturers are tackling the quickly evolving materials, customer demands and global markets is eye opening. Listening to a professional expert share insights into new technologies that are changing the way we design and manufacture products during a tech talk event, like how additive manufacturing is being used by companies to redesign attachments for aircraft overhead bins to reduce weight by as much as 80%, is exciting and inspiring. Full Article

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