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Will Moore’s Law Apply to 3D Printing?

Contributing Editor Bruce Morey


There is a lot of buzz around additive manufacturing, also called 3D printing, these days. Numerous trade articles, workshops, and conferences are devoted to today’s hot trend. There are a number of predictions of how this disruptive technology will change manufacturing as we know it. While this may not be true, taking a broad look at the hype and the reality is informative. Full Article

Viewpoints: 3D Printing Jigs, Fixtures and Other Manufacturing Tools

Jon Cobb, Executive Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Stratasys Ltd.


The fundamental objectives of manufacturing—improve quality, decrease cycle time and reduce costs—are the primary reasons that jigs and fixtures are so abundant. It doesn’t matter if the operation is fully automated or entirely manual; jigs and fixtures are deployed throughout manufacturing operations with the goal of reducing costs while accelerating production processes.When expanded beyond jigs and fixtures to include all manufacturing tools that serve as operational aids, they are even more widespread.  Full Article

UpFront: 2D Printing Experts Crash the 3D Printing Party

Editor in Chief Sarah A. Webster


It was only a matter of time before we at Manufacturing Engineering—in the business of seriously covering manufacturing—put a 3D printer on our cover. We’ve featured several 3D-printed parts on our covers before, of course. There was a laser sintered Nike shoe in 2013, to show how mainstream additive manufacturing (AM) was becoming. Last year, we displayed GE’s direct metal laser melted fuel nozzle for the LEAP engine, which will soon be made in GE’s new high-volume AM facility in Auburn, AL. Full Article

Complete the Data Set, Complete the Digital Revolution

Manuel Terranova, President and CEO Peaxy Inc.


It’s no secret that data being generated by sensors embedded in equipment has opened up a new world of possibilities in manufacturing. Advancements in storage, bandwidth, processing power and algorithms enable us to mine data quicker than ever. With some Global 1000 manufacturers already realizing $1 billion of revenue from telemetry, you might think all of the pieces are in place to carry out the digital industrial revolution.  Full Article

New Strategies for High-Speed Roughing

Peter Dickin, Marketing Manager, Delcam


Over recent years, several CAM companies have introduced new strategies for high-speed roughing that offer significant increases in the metal-removal rate and so give much shorter machining times. All of these strategies aim to maximize the productivity possible with solid carbide tooling, in particular by taking advantage of those designs that can give deeper cuts by using the full flute length as the cutting surface. Full Article

So, You Want to Implement MTConnect?

Neil Desrosiers, Developer of Digital Solutions, Mazak Corp.


Shops today must track or measure their manufacturing operations to improve them. This need drives the growing use of MTConnect—an open, royalty-free protocol for extracting data from practically any piece of equipment, including machine tools and other manufacturing systems. The integration of MTConnect is a major undertaking, and can be a bit challenging unless certain preparations are made ahead of time.  Full Article

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