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Software Update: Efficiency Software for Any Machine, Any Control

Edited by Advanced Manufacturing Media Staff


Pete Tecos is Executive Vice President at 5ME LLC. Manufacturing Engineering: What’s new with plant-floor manufacturing software? Tecos: There is demand for scalable, configurable, and comprehensive plant-floor monitoring software that provides meaningful data to drive sustainable productivity improvements. Full Article

Shop Solutions: CAD CAM Puts Magic into Shop's Machining

Edited by Senior Editor Jim Lorincz


There is no magic formula that guarantees manufacturing success. However, the combination of hard work, knowledge, and advanced technology is about as close as you can get. That’s the formula employed by Andrea Cecutti, the owner of AC&A (Lake Forrest, CA). When he opened his small California startup, AC&A, Cecutti wagered everything on advanced machines, skilled and motivated people, and Tebis CAD/CAM software. Full Article

When Bytes Meet the Reality of Manufacturing

Contributing Editor Bruce Morey


Computing data storage continues to get faster and cheaper. Since collecting huge data sets is becoming ever more feasible, now moving to affordable cloud storage, what is the impact to manufacturing? What are the risks? Full Article

Visualizing the Factory Floor with High-Fidelity Simulation

Senior Editor Patrick Waurzyniak


Simulation in manufacturing is pervasive, with highly realistic 3D visualizations used to prove out manufacturing processes in advance of cutting metal, laying out a factory assembly line, or even buying an expensive piece of manufacturing equipment. Today’s manufacturers use highly accurate NC-level machining simulations to view any potential metalcutting process problems, and the latest digital manufacturing simulations help manufacturing engineers design and validate or commission assembly lines and entire factories—before they’re built. Full Article

Software Update: Smarter CAM Software Improves Productivity

Edited by Senior Editor Patrick Waurzyniak


Steve Sivitter is CEO of  Vero Software, Tuscaloosa, AL. Manufacturing Engineering: What are some key trends facing CAD/CAM software developers? Steve Sivitter: There’s greater focus on extending existing capabilities while maintaining solutions that are intuitive and easy to use. Manufacturing companies are running leaner than ever, so quick deployment of technology is vitally important. Solutions that take weeks to integrate, learn or connect to machine tools are no longer viable. Full Article

Smooth, Fast and Friendly Controls for Productivity

Senior Editor Patrick Waurzyniak


Machine control providers continue to offer increasingly innovative and intuitive programming solutions for machinists who are demanding more from their CNCs. The latest machine controls come with special features to complement hardware advances and help machinists program the most complex parts with increasing ease and guidance. Many of the latest machine controls, for example, feature embedded intelligence with software algorithms that can automatically select the optimal machining method for a given part.  Full Article

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