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Member Engagement Initiative

The Member Engagement Initiative (MEI) was created to strengthen local professional and student chapter activities, as well as to bring more young members into SME and provide additional leadership opportunities for SME members.

Today, the MEI structure provides increased support for member leaders at the local chapter level as well as engagement of worldwide members around specific technology interests. Through various MEI activities, members of the local chapters and Technical Communities have put the pieces in place for:

  • Professional growth
  • Networking
  • Technical knowledge transfer
  • Leadership training
  • Personal enrichment

Local Chapters

Members from all areas of the world come together in their local chapters to learn from each other via on-site training, webinars, plant tours, engagement with local industry and economic leaders to help grow their local manufacturing community.

Technical Communities

Worldwide members also engage with each other through SME's Technical Communities based on their specific interest in one or more technology areas. Through webinars, conference calls and face-to-face meetings, members share their industry knowledge, technological findings, best practices and offer problem-solving solutions to each other.

SME Membership Consultants

Membership Consultants are a critical part of the MEI. These seasoned chapter volunteers work with their assigned chapters to ensure that they have the proper tools, connections and support needed for a successful chapter and member engagement experience.

SME Member Council

Oversight responsibility for the MEI and all member engagement resides with the SME Member Council, which is an elected body of SME members. The Member Council, along with SME Membership Consultants, works with SME Membership to ensure members are able to find engagement opportunities that best serve their own individual needs.

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