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Mazak to Demo 30+ Advanced Machining Systems at DISCOVER 2019

By Mazak Corp. Press Release

FLORENCE, Ky., July 29, 2019 – At the DISCOVER 2019 manufacturing education and technology event, Mazak Corp. will demonstrate more than 30 manufacturing systems ranging from cost-efficient turning and milling solutions to hybrid technologies that the company says will allow manufacturers to re-imagine part-production operations altogether.

Visitors to the event will also experience automation solutions available for Mazak equipment, as well as the latest productivity-enhancing SMOOTH TECHNOLOGY digital tools. DISCOVER 2019 takes place at Mazak’s North American Manufacturing Headquarters in Florence, Ky., November 5-7 and 12-13.

Horizontal Milling


Headlining the category of horizontal mills is the HCN-5000, which is focused on high-volume production of large, heavy parts. In addition to a range of optional spindle types and power options, the machine is available with Mazak’s Multi-Pallet Pool (MPP) System, a compact multiple pallet stocker system for manufacturers that require basic automation to increase productivity and/or have limited floor space that prevents the installation of a system with a horizontal pallet stocker.

In addition to the HCN-5000 with MPP, horizontal milling centers on display at the show will include the HC-5000 and the HCN-6800.

Vertical Milling

Mazak’s complete range of vertical milling solutions will be represented at DISCOVER 2019, including the VCN-570C, a vertical machining center designed for variety of metalcutting applications with its 30 hp, 15,000 rpm standard spindle. The machine will be demonstrated alongside a RoboJob part-loading system, which reduces setup time and ensures repeatability and accuracy for machining operations, according to Mazak.

In addition to the VCN-570C with RoboJob loader, vertical milling solutions at the show will include the FJV-35/80, VC-300A, VC-500C/2PC, VCN-575C and VTC-200C Vertical Machining Centers. 


Among the turning machines that will appear at DISCOVER 2019 is the QTU-350 HP with RoboJob. In addition to the attached automation system, the QTU-350 HP is offered at an affordable price point, the company said. This made-in-Kentucky machine offers advanced technology, productivity advantages and cost effectiveness for machine shops. For greater levels of process versatility, the machine also features a high-performance spindle package (HP) with a 30 hp, 3,500 rpm turning spindle. 

Joining the QTU-350 HP with RoboJob will be the MEGA TURN 900M and QUICK TURN 450.


Among Mazak’s 5-axis machines, the VC-500A/5X is a Kentucky-built vertical machining center with a trunnion-style rotary/tilt table that  processes small, complex parts. The machine comes standard equipped with a high-performance spindle. Optional spindle speeds are available to address a variety of part production requirements.

Mazak will demonstrate several 5-axis machining centers at DISCOVER 2019 in addition to the VC-500A/5X, including the HCR-5000, UD-400/5X, VARIAXIS i-800 and VTC-800/30 SR 5-Axis Machining Centers.


Mazak will include several Multi-Tasking machines in the demonstrations taking place during DISCOVER 2019. The INTEGREX Series will be represented by several advanced models, including an INTEGREX I-300ST with the new Spindle Health Monitor and the INTEGREX i-400S with the company’s latest control technology, the MAZATROL SmoothAI CNC. Machines will also include numerous automation solutions, such as the GR100 gantry loader paired with the QUICK TURN 250MSY, a turning center with additional milling spindle, second turning spindle and Y-axis off-centerline machining capabilities for multi-tasking.

The full list of multi-tasking machines that will appear at the show includes the HQR-250MSY, INTEGREX i-100 BARTAC-S, INTEGREX i-300ST with Spindle Health Monitor, INTEGREX i-400S with SmoothAI CNC, INTEGREX i-400ST, INTEGREX i-500W, MULTIPLEX W-200Y, QUICK TURN 200MSY, QUICK TURN 250MSY with GR100, QUICK TURN 550MY and SQR 250. 

HYBRID Multi-Tasking

Each of Mazak’s HYBRID Multi-Tasking machines will feature additive technology paired with traditional Mazak machines. Auto Gear (AG), which leverages advanced manufacturing technology and the SMOOTH Gear Cutting software suite for  gear hobbing, skiving and milling ease, will appear on the INTEGREX i-200ST AG. 

For additive manufacturing (AM) capabilities, Mazak will spotlight both versions of its VC-500A/5X AM. The first includes multi-laser metal deposition technology made for complex part interiors, cladding operations and other fine AM work, while the second, the VC-500A/5X AM HWD, will demonstrate the Hot Wire Deposition (HWD) system, which uses arc welding technology in combination with laser heating to maximize metal deposition for fast AM processes. Mazak will also demonstrate the Friction Stir Welding (FSW) capabilities of its VTC-300C FSW – a closed-loop FSW process that allows for both low-temp and high-temp frictional welds, as well as joining dissimilar materials for lightweighting possibilities. 

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