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Building Successful Businesses in Tampa Bay

June 28, 2022
Business in Tampa Bay is booming. In this podcast, Steve Morey, senior vice president of the economic development for the Tampa Bay Economic Development Council, and Jamie Harden, president and CEO of Creative Sign Designs, share their insights.
By Steve Plumb Senior Editor, SME Media
Machine adapter (left) is permanently attached to the spindle and ready to receive a Hainbuch TOPlus hexagonal collet chuck (right). The system can also accommodate all existing workholding devices.

Precision Workholding Delivers Long-Term Value

June 24, 2022
As demand increased, STOBER engineers saw the need for greater flexibility and increased production, while at the same time maintaining the required precision.
By Hainbuch America Contributed Article
The ATOS 5 Airfoil blue light 3D scanner is engineered with specific advantages for the aerospace, gas turbine, and power generation industries.

Building Robust Metrology Automation Strategies

June 24, 2022
Automation with high data density is a key to smart manufacturing.
Ray Chalmers
By Ray Chalmers Chalmers Industrial Communications
Sandvik Coromant

Data: The Answer to Manufacturing’s Waste Problem

June 23, 2022
How manufacturing can improve its waste problem.
Vijay Anand
By V.R. Vijay Anand Head of Digital Machining, Sandvik Coromant
The capabilities of digital twins will only grow as machine tool controls get smarter and more manufacturers begin to embrace the Industrial Internet of Things.

Mirroring the World

June 23, 2022
From SimCity to Universe in a Shoebox—the growth of digital twins and what they mean to small- and medium-sized manufacturers.
Kip Hanson
By Kip Hanson Contributing Editor, SME Media
Bertil Thorvaldsson

ABB Executive Wins Robotics Award

June 22, 2022
Bertil Thorvaldsson, senior advisor at ABB, has received the prestigious Engelberger Robotics Award for Leadership.
By ABB Inc. Press Release
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