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Webb Hicks

In Control: Machine Tool Builders Progress with Power and Precision

October 28, 2022
A professor, who visited IMTS in September, discusses trends in machine tools.
Webb Hicks
By Webb Hicks Professor, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Richard J. Daley College
The Flow Mach 500’saccuracy, quickness and speed make it Flow Waterjet’s most productive solution.

Not Your Father's Waterjet

October 26, 2022
Advancements in waterjet technology lead to new uses, industries.
By Brad Marley Contributing Editor
MaxiMill 273 tooling system with positive clearance angle on both sides combines the advantages of negative and positive inserts for machining operations ranging from roughing to finishing at cutting depths up to 0.138“ (3.5 mm).

Keys to Successful Milling Operations

October 11, 2022
Selecting the best resources helps shape a shop’s skill level.
Jim Lorincz
By Jim Lorincz Contributing Editor, SME Media
Okuma’s 800V Laser X machine combines five-axis subtractive capabilities with laser metal deposition technology.

Multitasking Machines = Increased Efficiency, Better Quality

August 19, 2022
The Metal Removal pavilion at IMTS features automated technologies cojoined to make better parts.
By Larry Adams Contributing Writer, SME Media
FPD installed advanced forging equipment to complement its existing CNC capabilities to create near-net-shaped parts that require minimal or no additional machining.

Forging Ahead to Trim Titanium Costs

August 10, 2022
To produce complex titanium parts more cost-effectively, machine shops are increasingly incorporating advanced forging equipment to complement their existing CNC capabilities.
By FPD Co.
Craig Guth in front of an ACU-RITE MILLPWRG2-controlled milling machine at Toro’s Product Development Lab.

Making Parts at Home Leads to Company Job

July 29, 2022
Craig Guth has been using an ACU-RITE MILLPWR control in his home shop to make custom motorcycle parts, and he is still using that same unit today. Not only that, but his love of machining secured him a full-time job in 2003 at The Toro Company headquarters in Bloomington, Minn.
By Toro Company
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