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SME List Rentals


List Rental Data Card (pdf)

SME Lists connect you with manufacturers with a proven buying history who are constantly looking for new products and innovations to stay ahead of their competition. The SME database is 100% response-generated, continuously-updated and has more than 1.15 million postal records, 926,000 phone records, and 320,000 email addresses of corporate executives, managers, engineers and technical professionals.

Target your list by job function/title, technical interest, industry (SIC/NAICS), plant size or geography and be confident your marketing efforts will reach your best prospects and generate an excellent response. Find new customers and build your business with SME lists.


  • Magazine subscribers
  • Paid attendees of expositions, conferences, training programs and webinars
  • E-newsletter subscribers
  • Buyers and inquirers of manufacturing-related books, novels, DVDs and training programs
  • Certified manufacturing professionals
  • Customers who fund and support engineering education programs

Ideal For

  • Technology, computers, software, telecommunications and Internet services
  • Manufacturing hardware and software
  • Continuing education programs
  • Webinars, seminars and training programs
  • Business-to-business offers
  • Catalog, magazine, book, newsletter, newspaper and online products and services
  • Business to consumer offers
  • Financial services

For counts and selection options contact:
Marie Briganti | 914.368.1023 |
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