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This service is FREE to SME members. The SME Librarian can provide a great depth of technical manufacturing knowledge and resources for your reference.

Submit your questions and receive customized research including technical information, literature searches, vendor lists, materials information, difficult-to-find articles and more.

SME has invested in many online resources and subscriptions the Librarian utilizes to answer questions. These resources are not available on Google or the Internet. Here are a few:

  • Online systems offering hundreds of databases in all subject fields-engineering, materials, chemistry, financial, company information and much more.
  • E-books in manufacturing and all other engineering disciplines.
  • Market research reports for nearly every NAICS or SIC code.
  • Business information from more than 20,000 global news sources.

Ask the Librarian

How to Ask the Librarian

    To discuss your question with the Librarian before placing your order, call 800.733.4763, ext. 3288, or email

Examples of some questions recently submitted to the Librarian are:

    Q. I’m interested in learning more about machining of platinum on a CNC lathe and in particular how high pressure coolant (1,000psi) can impact machining performance.

    Q. Looking for articles written in the past year on intellectual asset/trade secret/innovation protection in manufacturing.

    Q. Can you provide a chemical and physical comparison between A36 and A113-58 grade C ?