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Toyota Production System 2 Title: Philosophical / Basic Thinking of TPS (Part 2 of Four-Part Webinar Series) 
Presenter: Matt Elson, Owner & President, True North Thinking Inc.
Synopsis: Part 2 of this four-part webinar series will focus on TPS as a tool to focus management attention, share knowledge systematically and have a supportive culture.
Toyota (PPDM 10-25-13) Title: Philosophical / Basic Thinking of TPS (Part 1 of Four-Part Webinar Series) 
Presenter: Matt Elson, Owner & President, True North Thinking Inc.
Synopsis: Part 1 of this four-part webinar series will focus on the philosophical/basic thinking of the Toyota Production System (TPS), specifically: customers first; people are the most important asset; kaizen; go and see (Genchi Genbutsu); and efficiency thinking.
Economy (PDDM 10-18-13) Title: The New Industrial Economy: Implications for Manufacturing Companies 
Presenter: Diego Tamburini, Manufacturing Industry Strategy Group, Autodesk
Synopsis: A new industrial economy is emerging where products are more complex, demand is harder to meet, supply chains are in constant flux, smaller and more agile players are emerging, and business models are being up-ended. This webinar will reflect on the main implications of this new industrial economy on manufacturing companies.
Human Side (9-17-13) Title: Human Side of Lean Webinar 
Presenter: Human Side of Lean Tech Group
Synopsis: This Human Side of Lean webinar examines culture and why it's so hard to change.
Human Side of Lean TG (7-22-13) Title: The Most Important Asset of a Business — It is People 
Presenter: Mario Gonzalez-Abarca, Lean & Improvement Practitioner, with focus on People Aspects
Synopsis: Mario Gonzalez-Abarca, who is a very active member and participant of the Human Side of Lean Tech Group, developed a fantastic, practical und functioning model to engage people actively in the lean journey. Many years ago, in 1973, he was introduced to the concept that “the most important asset of a business, it is people.” Since then, Gonzalez-Abarca has been testing this theory. Now, after 40 years, he is totally convinced it's true. Gonzalez-Abarca's contributions to the tech group is sharing his model that is centered around the individual. If we care about the individual, it is most likely the individual will care back. It is quite obvious that within the enterprise there are more stakeholders, i.e., customers, investors, society and environment. All of these have to be considered with the same kind of care as your own people.
Deming Framework (4-16-13) Title: Personality Frameworks that Parallel Dr. Deming's Points: The Application of Ideas is Simplified by Well-Constructed Models
Presenter: Frank J. Lucatelli, Principal, Personal Intelligence™ LLC
Synopsis: Webinar presenter Frank Lucatelli is interested in creativity and the question of whether it could be taught. His research has led him along multiple paths all merging around a new theory of knowledge, and the resulting recognition that personality is a major determinant of the brand of ones creativity. This research has inspired papers written in the fields of psychology, personality theory, nuclear and particle physics, the nature of the connection between the science and religion, and most recently the close connection between Dr. Deming's quality system and personality-focused creativity.
Blueprint (PPDM 11-27-12 Webinar) Title: A Blueprint for Process Engineering: The Relational Process Model
Presenter: Angelo Baratta, Performance Innovation
Synopsis: This presentation introduces a structured framework for expressing business process designs in such a way as to minimize complexity. The Relational Process Model™ (RPM™) is a communication framework for designing, deploying and executing business processes for peak performance. RPM is universal. It complements your chosen or custom methodology and will increase its efficacy and its effectiveness.
Super Performance (PPDM 10-10-12 Webinar) Title: The Biophysics of Superperformance: A 21st Century Model 
Presenter: Dave Guerra, Founder and CEO, Corpus Optima
Synopsis: In Dave Guerra’s book "Superperformance: New Profound Knowledge for Corporate Leaders," he defines superperformance as an industry outperforming return on investment (ROI) and sustained over time, at least 12 years. Very few companies are able to achieve this level of performance. Based on the common patterns of 10 companies, eight simple rules will be presented as the backbone of a new theory for achieving and sustaining this condition. Today, we finally have a language and science to explain both the process and cultural dimensions of organizations. The implications are tremendous.
Social Media

Title: Unlocking New Growth for Your Manufacturing Company Using the Web & Social Media
Andrew Schiestel, Senior Partner, tbk Creative
Synopsis: During this customized 50-minute webinar, participants will learn how manufacturing companies and their vendors can use the Web and social media to grow their brands. Attendees will learn: the important basics of social media; how social media for B2B is different from B2C; how to have your website capture new leads; social media advertising overview; the power of blogging; and HR recruitment tips.

Light bulb Title: Innovating Product Design with Value Engineering & 3P 
Presenter: Tom Voss, Operations Director, Franklin Products Inc.
Synopsis: Learn about the step-by-step process Franklin Products used to reduce its lead time from concept to production. After this webinar, attendees walk away with more information on: basic tenets of value engineering, REAL production preparation process (3P), product strategy goals and how to organize a development team.
DFMA Title: The Next Great Process Improvement: Your Product
Presenter: Nicholas P. Dewhurst, Executive Vice President, Boothroyd Dewhurst Inc.
Synopsis: Process improvement approaches such as lean, six sigma and supply chain management have helped companies save millions of dollars. That’s clear. But would an added focus on the product allow these process tools to yield even greater savings?
Manufacturing Enterprise Title: The Architecture of the Manufacturing Enterprise 
Presenter: William A. Estrem, PhD, Principal, Metaplexity Associates
Synopsis: This webinar presents a conceptual overview of the role of enterprise architecture in the contemporary manufacturing enterprise. Attendees learn about the processes that can be used to implement an effective enterprise architecture, which addresses the needs of a typical manufacturing enterprise. It will also position enterprise architecture with other enterprise planning techniques and illustrate how it can effectively augment those techniques by enhancing the alignment of technology and information resources to meet the needs of the enterprise. In addition, how enterprise architecture can foster and facilitate innovation in the manufacturing enterprise is highlighted.
Kaizen Title: How to Avoid Kaizen Event Malpractice 
Presenter: Mark R. Hamel
Synopsis: Mark Hamel, author of the Shingo award-winning "Kaizen Event Fieldbook: Foundation, Framework, and Standard Work for Effective Events," will share his insights on kaizen events during this Hartford Chapter 7-sponsored webinar. Hamel will present case studies demonstrating common pitfalls of kaizen events and some ways in which to make them more successful.
Sustainability Title: Sustainable Manufacturing Information Service Project Update 
Presenters: Delcie R. Durham, PhD, FSME, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University of South Florida; Silvia Leahu-Aluas, MSME, MBA, Founder and Owner, Sustainable Manufacturing Consulting; and Eileen P R Burstein, MSME, Consulting Engineer and Co-Owner, TIPE LLC
Synopsis: As businesses go GREEN, SME is sponsoring activities so that its members can lead the way in establishing sustainable manufacturing processes and practices. One of the initiatives of the Lean to Green Sustainability Tech Group is the Sustainable Manufacturing Information Service (SMIS) project. The presenters will introduce the concept of sustainable manufacturing, its current state of development and adoption by manufacturing companies. The speakers will discuss how the SMIS project was started, what are its objectives, the timeline for launch, testing and maintenance. This project is linked to developing a Sustainable Manufacturing Community of Practice, first among the lean community and subsequently among the larger SME community.